Selena Gomez to Justin Bieber: I'm Your Loss, Man!

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According to a recent report, Justin Bieber isn't too bothered by Selena Gomez's new relationship.

He hasn't lost much sleep over Gomez's alleged banging of The Weeknd, despite recent photographic evidence that the singers didn't merely go on a date this month...

... they engaged in some major PDA on the sidewalk outside of a restaurant in Los Angeles and then went back to Selena's house afterward.

You can likely imagine why, right?

Selena Gomez Sings to Fans

But an insider told TMZ last week that Justin sees no reason to be jealous of this burgeoning romance.

For what reason?

Because he doesn't really view it as a romance.

Bieber thinks Selena is merely using The Weeknd for promotional purposes, as the two are planning a musical collaborating together and Justin thinks they are just trying to drum up interest in their upcoming song.

This could be the case. We can't say for certain.

However, a source spoke to Hollywood Life (on the condition of anonymity) and claimed that Selena simply views Bieber's rationale as a form of jealousy.

And she doesn't give a rat's you-know-what about his viewpoint these days, not after the way he treated her for so many years.

Justin Biebe in Yellow

Selena is well aware that Justin wants what he doesn’t have,” this source alleges, adding:

“But as far as she is concerned, he’s missed the bus one too many times.”

Over the course of their roller coaster relationship, it certainly has seemed as though Gomez was willing to give Bieber one chance after another chance after another.

She entered rehab in the fall of 2016, partly in response to Bieber's shutting her out after Selena took issue with the artist's then-romance with Sofia Richie.

Gomez finally realized that her obsession with Bieber was unhealthy and sought professional help to deal with it.

Good for her, right?

Selena Gomez Haircut

In the days following the news that she was now seeing The Weeknd (naked!), Bieber told TMZ that the latter's music is "whack" and that he would never listen to it.

But Selena isn't too worried about this assessment.

She isn't really buying it.

“She knows Justin doesn’t really think The Weeknd’s music is whack,” an insider told Hollywood Life.

Gomez has more immediate concerns anyhow.

Her relationship with The Weeknd has received criticism from those who believe she stabbed Bella Hadid in the back.

The model dated The Weeknd for about two years, prior to their split last year.

There has been talk that Gomez never even told Hadid (who she knows fairly way through their mutual friend, Taylor Swift) that she was dating her ex.

At least one report claims Bella found out the same way you probably did: via the Internet.

Again, we cannot verify this allegation.

But we can say that if Selena is truly dating The Weeknd purely for professional reasons, then she's taking a pretty big risk in her personal life.

We hope she knows what she's doing.

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