Justin Bieber: Selena Gomez is Just Using The Weeknd!

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According to a new report, Selena Gomez has truly fallen for The Weeknd.

Mere days after she was first spotted in public with her new man, Selena is allegedly telling friends that she's never felt this strongly for a man before.

No, not even when it came to Justin Bieber.

Things with The Weeknd are "completely different" than they were with Bieber, an insider tells Hollywood Life, implying that Gomez and her fellow artist are involved in a very serious relationship.

Selena Gomez at MET Gala

And how does this make Bieber feel?

Is he sad? Shocked? Angry? Jealous?

Nope, none of the above, according to TMZ.

He actually finds the whole thing pretty comical.

Despite what outlets such as Us Weekly and E! News have reported, and despite photographs showing Gomez kissing and hugging The Weeknd after a romantic date in Los Angeles last week, Bieber simply isn't buying this relationship.

He doesn't think it's based on any actual feelings.

A source tells TMZ that Bieber thinks Selena is simply using The Weekd for publicity and promotional purposes.

Justin Bieber at Madison Square Garden

Gomez is reportedly working on new music and also reportedly working on new music with The Weeknd.

Bieber therefore thinks she's doing the same thing here as she did with Nick Jonas and with Zedd; that is, she's simply dating whomever it is she's collaborating with.

Maybe there's some attraction there, sure. Maybe it's a dalliance based on mutual feelings that have developed over the course of spending a lot of time together.

But the real thing? The L Word? Anything more than a brief romantic interlude?

Bieber basically rolls his eyes at these notions.

If Gomez has not fallen cute head over pretty heels for The Weeknd, then she's risking her reputation for no solid reason.


Not long after her date with the singer went public, Gomez was unfollowed on Instagram by good friend Bella Hadid.

She was also flipped off by Hadid.

The alleged anger stems from the fact that Hadid dated The Weeknd for about two years, with the stars calling it quits toward the end of 2016.

As a pretty close pal of Selena's (both Bella and Gomez are key members of Taylor Swift's Squad), the model is reportedly hurt and angry that Gomez has started to date her ex-boyfriend.

And she's especially hurt and angry over the fact that Selena never even ran the romance by Bella or her sister, Gigi, to whom Selena is also close.

"Giving Bella and Gigi a heads up would have been the respectful and honorable thing to do," a source tells TMZ of all this drama, adding:

"But I guess that's just Hollywood."

Do you believe that Selena is just using The Weeknd to help sell her music?

Or might Bieber actually be jealous after all?

Just look at those photos above, folks. We can understand why he'd be upset someone else gets to tap that.

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