Farrah Abraham Slams Amber Portwood, Compares Herself to Trump

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You didn't think you'd get out of 2016 without more Farrah Abraham idiocy, did you?

Ha! If this year has taught us anything, it's that you should always expect the absolute worst out of life, and even then, the world will shock you with how horrendous it can be.

Obviously, no one has affirmed this sad truth more than Farrah and Donald Trump.

Farrah Abraham for MTV

Not only did Farrah endorse the Donald's presidential campaign, she also takes every opportunity to describe Trump "as a great man" and one of her idols.

Farrah's generally not big on follow-through, or keeping promises, or remembering any of the BS that spews forth from her surgically enhanced lip-hole, but when it comes to her admiration for Trump, it seems she really has taken a page from his playbook by bullying her rivals worse than ever.

Following, the now-famous Farrah vs. Amber Portwood fight at this year's Teen Mom reunion show, Amber claimed that the show had been unfairly edited in order to make her look like the villain.

“No one edited her. She’s a liar," the 25-year-old revealed to Radar Online.

"She needs to stop lying. She needs to get her sh-t together and so does her boyfriend, [Matt Baier], who is also a liar too.”

Farrah Abraham sass

Amber announced plans to quit Teen Mom after the episode aired, but she later admitted that she would be willing to come back to the show for at least one more season.

“I already called it. Poor thing. Her mind’s not all there," she said.

"She’ll say one thing. She’ll detract from that.

"She needs to be more in touch with her self-awareness and hopefully she’ll just be happy all the time.”

Farrah Abraham in a Gold and Black Dress

Farrah's hope that Amber will be "happy all the time" might lead you to believe that she's turned over a new leaf for 2017, but don't worry, she went on to slip in a few more jabs at her foe of the month:

“Her self-destructiveness has really gone too far,” Farrah said when asked for a parting comment about Portwood.

Asked if she would be interacting with Farrah or any of her other co-stars during the next season of Teen Mom, Farrah continued to slam Amber - and made a hilariously apt comparison between herself and the president-elect:

"I’m working and I have businesses," Farrah said. "I want true people in my life. I don’t have time for horrible people surrounding me.

"That’s why I’m successful. That’s why I’m doing well.

"That’s why my daughter is doing so well. I want everyone else to do well and that’s why it’s a shame that others hold themselves back."

Farrah Abraham in a Pink Dress Photo

She concluded:

“I’m like Trump, I’ll build a wall up. You won’t get through it.”

Well, she may not be as successful as Trump, but she's one of the few people who's on par with the Donald in terms of thin-skinned rage and inappropriate relationships farrah daughter sex tape with daughters.

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