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Big news for Farrah Abraham!

Remember that time that Farrah so mortifyingly bought herself an engagement ring on the assumption that her on-again, off-again boyfriend Simon Saran would propose?

It happened last year — as Farrah explained on Teen Mom OG, she brought a ring "that Simon had organized." 

So romantic, right?

Farrah Abraham and Simon Saran: 2016 MTV Movie Awards

"I thought he was going to propose," she explained, "and nothing’s ever happened. I’ve had this ring. Simon still has not paid me back for it."

Poor Farrah said that "He said to get it and was excited about it," but somehow things fell through.

"I’m just really upset he did that," our favorite trashy reality star lamented.

All that happened several months ago at this point, and nothing ever really came of it.

We never heard if Simon paid her back for the ring that she saw and liked and purchased, or if it’s still locked away somewhere, waiting for the guy dumb enough to propose to Farrah.

But last night, Farrah posted a series of photos to Snapchat, all of them featuring a great big diamond ring.

Farrah Abraham Engagement Ring?

Is this it?! Is this the fabled engagement ring we heard so much about, or perhaps some new engagement ring without such a sad history?

Did Farrah finally wear Simon down enough to convince him to marry her?

We don’t know. At this point, it’s all just so new and exciting.

So let’s just keep looking at that big ol’ rock, shall we?

Farrah Abraham New Ring

Before we get carried away though, we should point out that in some of these photos, Farrah seems to be wearing the ring on her right hand instead of her left.

Also, Farrah hasn’t said a word about an engagement on any of her social media accounts, and neither has Simon. It seems like if they actually got engaged, neither of them would able to keep that to themselves.

There’d be insufferable tweet after poorly communicated Instagram caption, and it would never, ever stop.

Farrah Abraham Diamond Ring

And in one of Farrah’s Snapchats of the ring, she wrote "Because I can," which sounds like she just bought herself a big fancy ring with all her teen pregnancy/porn money, right?

But hey, maybe she did get engaged and the proposal changed her, you know?

Maybe the commitment helped her to mature a little, maybe it helped her to realize the important things in life.

Farrah Abraham Ring and Roses

Perhaps even now she’s out there somewhere, gazing at the symbol of her future husband’s love and smiling because she knows that their upcoming vows are a precious secret only they share.

… Nah, she probably just dropped some Teen Mom money on some new baubles.

It’s probably better this way.