Farrah Abraham & Simon Saran: Back Together For Some Reason!

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Farrah Abraham has had quite a week.

Sure, she successfully staved off any and all DCFS investigations to maintain custody of her daughter yet again, but she's also been tallying up more victories than usual these past few days.

Farrah Abraham and Simon Saran: 2016 MTV Movie Awards

Farrah supported Donald Trump for reasons she probably doesn't even understand, and we're sure she'll eventually learn that he won the electoral college while scrolling through the 'Gram.

Then someone will explain that the electoral college is not the place where lightning bolts go to school, and she'll be happy.

On top of that, Ms. Abraham's love life seems to have improved right around the time the United States was plunged into chaos and darkness.

Sources say Farrah and Simon Sarah are back together for roughly the 47 millionth time.

Farrah Abraham, Simon Saran MTV Movie Awards Photo

You may recognize Simon as the dead-eyed soulless husk of a man who's often photographed in Farrah's presence, usually standing off at a safe distance so as not to distract any attention from Abraham.

It's not exactly shocking that these two are giving their relationship another chance, as they fully deserve one another.

What is surprising is the fact that the reason they got back together.

Sources close to the couple tell OK! magazine that Farrah and Simon were separated during the recent taping of the Teen Mom: OG reunion show.
Farrah Abraham Dumps Simon Saran

It was at that taping that Farrah got into a fight with Amber Portwood because that's the sort of thing Farrah did.

Simon served as an instigator, because he's under the impression that the best way to extend his 15 minutes of fame is to make everyone hate him.

Anyway, the experience of collaborating on bullying someone until they break down was apparently all it took to remind Simon and Farrah of how well they work together.

The couple was reportedly spotted canoodling in public In New York City the following day.

It's sick; it's sad, and it's a reminder that for all of our anti-bullying talk, we're still a country that likes to watch a wealthy, spray-tanned moron brutalize a woman on national TV.

But enough about the election results.

Farrah's and Simon's reconciliation is also pretty messed-up.

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