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Chris Brown and Soulja Boy really are planning to resolve their ongoing feud by throwing down in an actual boxing match this spring.

It looks like the fight won’t be held on American soil, however.

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For various reasons, they can’t pull it off in the U.S., TMZ says.

Previous locations scouted for the Celebrity Fight of the Century were said to be Las Vegas or Los Angeles, but neither will be feasiable.

Instead, the gloves are coming off internationally, in Dubai.

The city in the United Arab Emirates has more lenient laws regarding this sort of event, making it a top contender to host the battle.

As for the most obvious question, yes, the feud is real.

Chris Brown and Soulja Boy want to beat the f–k out of each other and their exchange of insane videos and threats are proof positive.

They can agree on one thing, however: Getting paid!

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It’s not clear which of the two adversaries first had the idea to score huge check by airing the fight on Pay-Per-View, but they’re all in.

Floyd Mayweather is involved, promoting the bout and training Soulja, while Mike Tyson joined Chris’ camp. It’s gonna be legit (and insane).

Rules and regulations make such a thing tough to coordinate in the U.S., though, most notably mandatory drug tests for amateur fighters.

Both Chris and Soulja know they would never pass.

Soulja Boy admits he drinks and smokes weed on the reg, though he never snorts cocaine … which Breezy does (according to SB).

In any case, no one’s taking any drug tests here.

Dubai wouldn’t require that, and Chris-Soulja Pay-Per-View fight could potentially rake in untold millions of dollars – for both parties.

If you think that’s a stretch, consider this:

At $99.99 a pop, all you need is a modest 100,000 viewers – not unrealistic as a baseline for such an event – to rake in $10 million.

Add in ticket sales and sponsorship, and you can see why the two music stars want to settle this in the ring instead of on social media.

Both Chris Brown and Soulja Boy have talked about making this a charity fight, but some of the money will undoubtedly line their pockets.

Asked about the charity possibilities in an extended interview over the weekend, Soulja and Floyd both sounded open to the idea, but noncommittal.

They also addressed holding the fight in L.A., which means this was likely filmed before they realized the logistics of that wouldn’t fly: