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The social media fight between Chris Brown and Soulja Boy has apparently escalated to the point where a physical fight may really come to fruition.

According to multiple reports, the two stars will throw down … on pay per view, in a boxing match with the involvement of Floyd Mayweather.

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The theoretical three-round bout in which both have threatened to f–k the other up is happening, for real, thanks to Mayweather’s company.

Soulja Boy hinted at Mayweather’s involvement earlier this week, and recently put up a post promoting the fight on Instagram (of course):

"It’s going down! Signed my contract."

Soulja says Mayweather himself is training him for the fight, set to take place in March in Las Vegas; CB also said that the fight is on.

The feud between the artists – which now seems suspiciously fake – all stems from Soulja liking an Instagram picture of Karrueche Tran.

When Brown saw that Soulja dared to like a photo shared by his former girlfriend, dude apparently went all psycho stalker on the rapper.

These words were exchanged:

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For a guy who beat his previous girlfriend, Rihanna, within an inch of her life, you’d think he would try to avoid coming across as a psychopath.

Then again, this is Chris Brown.

"Chris brown just called and said he wanna fight me," Soulja said on Twitter, claiming Chris threatened him over his behavior on Insta.

The "Crank Dat" rapper also laid into Chris for beating up Rihanna ages ago, while taunting him by saying "Karrueche don’t want you n–ga!"

He threatened to "beat the f–k out" Brown if he ever returned to the ‘hood, while Chris responded that "we both know" how that would go.

Soulja accused Chris of being a deranged lunatic who snorts coke with gangbangers, while Brown asserted that his rival is a snitch.  

Breezy also grew annoyed with Soulja for allegedly trying to FaceTime him while he was in the process of trying to get laid. Seriously:

At some point during the back and forth, Floyd Mayweather himself got involved, which makes us suspicious as to how real this all is.

Fake or not, the Money Man is on Team Soulja.

"Signed my contract I’m leaving the fight with $1,000,000 I got the best ever my big bro @floydmayweather training me damn—–," he wrote.

"#TMT #SODMG March in Vegas !! On TV!"

Soulja posted a picture of him and the boxing legend, as well as a video in which he continued to talk trash about his fight against Brown.

"Me and my trainer/big brother @floydmayweather #TMT it’s official!!," reads his caption, before Soulja brought Chris’ daughter into it.

Yes, Chris’ ex-girlfriend and his baby mama, Nia Guzman, are now involved with this, along with his two-year-old child, Royalty …

Guzman posted a picture of their daughter Royalty on her Instagram page, tagging Floyd Mayweather and his crew The Money Team.

While Soulja had briefly apologized for the feud at his mom’s urging (really), he reposted the pic of Royalty; Guzman has since deleted it.

Nia said the photo was harmless and that Floyd was merely "investing in Royalty’s future," while Brown responded with harsh words (above).

The singer was quite displeased to see his little girl used as a pawn in this war of words, and told Soulja that he best knock that s–t off.

"Seriously, we gon’ set up this fight," Brown said.

"It’s gonna be professional. You could do all that, but one thing you gotta stop doing my n—a … I’mma be real with you."

"Stop bringing my daughter into this, my n—a." 

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According to Chris, "real street n—as" know that any girls, and especially daughters, need to be respected no matter how crazy s–t gets.

Think his plea for boundaries will be respected?

Moreover, do you think this boxing match will actually take place in March, or is it all a publicity stunt that will eventually fall by the wayside?

Even if the match IS legit … was this feud?!

If they were acting this entire time, you gotta give them credit for going all in … and wonder whether Karrueche was complicit in it as well.

Either way, who would you bet your money on if and when these guys did get in the ring and settle their alleged beef once and for all?

Chris seems confident and the more safer pick for obvious reasons, but if SB is being trained by Floyd, that’s gotta count for something.