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Turns out, Krista Keller thinks there’s something not right about her daughter being married to an older man.

As you probably know if you keep up the likes of Courtney Stodden and Doug Hutchison, their relationship is allegedly over, but neither party has confirmed it. 

Krista Keller Strikes a Pose

Maybe that’s down to the fact the pair are still staying in the same house together. Could it be another publicity stunt? For sure. 

Courtney’s relationship with her mother, Krista, has been in tatters ever since it emerged that she had an "emotional affair" with Doug

Seriously, we’re still trying to process what the heck Krista meant by that after all these months. 

Now, Krista has opened up about her thoughts on Stodden’s relationship with her man and she’s not exactly seeing the brighter side of things. 

Courtney Stodden and Doug Hutchison red carpet
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No, we’re not talking about that tell-all from her that’s allegedly in the works. Krista turned to Radar to give her two cents. 

"I don’t think it is a very healthy [relationship] . I don’t think it has turned into a healthy one."

As you probably already know, Krista was initially fine about the relationship and even signed the papers to allow her daughter to marry at 16-years-old. 

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We can’t be the only ones wondering what the heck has been going on with Courtney’s crazy outfits and thankfully, her mother feels the same. 

"If you are in a marriage and you feel like you need to go out like that then there is something wrong in the relationship," she said.

Who would have thought that sound advice would ever come from the likes of Krista Keller?

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When quizzed about more thoughts on the relationship, Keller seemed to think the relationship was "unnatural."

"It was very unnatural for her to be with someone that much older and I think the problems played themselves out."

The mother and daughter have not spoken since Lifetime’s The Mother Daughter Experiment, Krista putting the blame on Doug. 

"She told me he doesn’t want her to be as close to me until I apologize to him," Keller said about her son-in-law.

"He doesn’t deserve an apology from me! He was not the guy being honest. I haven’t really regretted being 100 per cent honest. If I would have lied on national television I wouldn’t have been able to look at myself in the mirror."

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When pressed about the potential of repairing her relationship with her daughter, Krista was hopeful. 

"I am trying very hard to heal my relationship with my daughter," Keller revealed. 

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