Charlie Sheen Actually Poses with Daughter: What Does She Look Like?

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With all of the news about Charlie Sheen trashing other people and just generally being one of the biggest dirt bags in the celebrity world, it's rare for him to address any of his children publicly. 

Charlie Sheen Co-Hosts Extra

That's why he shocked the world when he shared a picture of himself with his daughter, Sam, whom he shares with ex-wife, Denise Richards. 

More than anything, the pictures were probably released to show that Charlie is not the dead beat dad the world thinks he is. 

Charlie Sheen And Sam Sheen

Seriously, the dude has been through the ringer, but he's hardly done himself many favors over the years. 

From being fired from Two and a Half Men, to allegedly doing some firing of his own on FX's Anger Management, he's been pretty crazy. 

Who would have thought he would ever be able to be in the spotlight for taking a picture? I mean, he's

Charlie Sheen FX Photo

The picture he shared of himself and his daughter showed us just how much Sam has grown up. It's crazy how fast they grow. Right?!

Sam is now 12-years-old, while her sister, Lola Rose, is 11-years-old. 

Charlie and Denise Richards split after three years of marriage in 2005, but have remained on good terms since. 

Charlie Sheen, Denise Richards and Kids

It's rare for celebrity couples to end on good terms, but maybe Charlie and Denise are better role models for divorce than Gwyneth Paltrow, who seems to think she's a role model for everything. 

Stick to GOOP, Gwynnie. 

The President-Elect

Charlie's most recent outburst was at Donald Trump, someone who has been as polarizing as Charlie. 

Charlie tweeted that he hoped Donald would be the next celebrity to die

Pretty nice. Right?

What do you think about all of this?

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