Vanderpump Rules Season 5 Episode 6 Recap: Pride Above All

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Vanderpump Rules Season 5 Episode 6 was all about pride, in the best possible way in the wake of a national tragedy from this spring.

After terrorism struck the Florida gay community in the form of Omar Mateen, West Hollywood's pride parade took on even more meaning.

Her goal was bringing the community together; Tom and Ariana, meanwhile, struggled to stay together after the worst fight of their relationship.

Elsewhere, Stassi planned a birthday trip to Montauk and James began to doubt his friendship with Lala for reasons that aren't shocking.

If you watch Vanderpump Rules online, well, let's just say that Lala, for all her positive attributes, can play fast and loose with the truth.

More than anything, though, this week was about pride.

L to the VP

Lisa Vanderpump rode on a float during Pride Day, feeling that it was necessary to bring the community together after such a tragedy.

The staff, however, didn’t have quite as much courage.

Upon hearing the news of the Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando, Katie Maloney opted out of working at SUR on this special occasion.

That isn't to say the events didn't impact her greatly.

On the contrary. She met with Tom Sandoval, Tom Schwartz and Stassi Schroeder at her apartment, where they discussed the terrorism.

There were a lot of tears and raw emotions.

Tom Sandoval and Ariana Madix: 40th Anniversary of the Soap Opera Digest

Tom Sandoval seemed to be the most shaken up, but following their discussion and impromptu group therapy session, he went to work.

If you don't do that, then they win, right?

Unfortunately for Tom, this wasn't the only mental battle he fought this week, as his jealousy over Ariana‘s new bartending book was palpable.

This caused one the most surprising - and biggest - fights we’ve ever seen from a couple we love and who is by all accounts so stable.

The gist of the couple's conflict is this:

Ariana was offered a deal to make a bartending book; Tom wanted to be involved; Ariana basically called him out for craving attention.

A huge and bitter argument ensued. 

Thanks to Lala Kent, who played the unlikely role of mediator here, the couple was able to work it out and move forward. Thank goodness.

As for Lala, she had her own issues, however.

James got frustrated over the fact that Lala’s stories about her rich boyfriend to whom Lala gives good dome are constantly changing.

How did she react to the intense scrutiny?

Finally, Stassi started planning her birthday trip to Montauk, which is on Long Island and which Scheana Marie did not know existed.

We suppose it's not that surprising that Scheana had never heard of it ... what would be more shocking is if anyone actually attended.

Because ... it's Stassi. Her birthday party seems like it would be one of the most miserable things in human history, though who knows. 

Anyway, that's that! Watch it all above!

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