Stevie J to Joseline Hernandez: I'll Take a DNA Test... Under THIS Condition!

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Stevie J has a proposal for Joseline Hernandez.

No, not that kind of proposal. Don't be crazy!

But the iconic Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta star does have an offer to make to his occasional lover, although it's unclear at this time whether or not Hernandez will accept.

Stevie J Poses

For several weeks now, Joseline has been showing off her expecting figure on Instagram.

She's been proudly talking up her baby bump and counting down the days until she gives birth in January, while making it VERY clear that Stevie J is the father of her impending child.

Those who watch Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta online or on their television set are well aware that Joseline and Stevie had had quite a turbulent relationship ever since this VH1 series went on the air.

For every moment they've been happy as a couple, there's been another moment in which Hernandez has called Stevie out as a deadbeat child molester.

This was an accusation Joseline actually made.

Stevie J and Joseline on Insta

In early July via a Twitter rant that also announced her pregnancy, allegedly by said deadbeat child molester, she tweeted:

"You know you are the daddy of this baby.

Of course, she was equally quick to add:

"Thank god you are disclaiming the baby."

Why did Joseline sound totally cool with Stevie's denial that his sperm fertilized her egg?

"We don't want your last name," she explained at the time, continuing as follows:

"Your family is sick your dad is a child molester and so are you. Me my baby and I will have a better life without you in it."

Joseline Hernandez on Instagram

Oh, well... okay then. 

"Now go run along and stop knocking on my door and calling me at 5 in the am after you been getting high all night," Hernandez added over the summer.

Since this impressive diatribe against Stevie, there's been talk that Young Dro is actually the father of Joseline's baby.

The rapper has said on record that he never formally dated Joseline, but that doesn't mean his penis may not have slipped one past her vaginal goalie.

Still, Joseline insists that Stevie J is the baby daddy.

She has asked that he take a DNA test in order to answer this question once and for all... and TMZ now reports that Stevie is down with that plan.

Under one major condition.

Joseline and Steven Jordan

According to that celebrity gossip website, the reality star filed agreed to take a paternity test - but he's asking the court to award him primary physical custody of the child if, indeed, it ends up being the fruit of his loins.

Steve thinks Joseline is an unfit mother.

In the legal papers, he claims that Hernandez may have abused drugs during her pregnancy, which a severe allegation to say the least.

Stevie goes on to cite past violent acts against him by Joseline, in order to prove that she has anger problems.

The producer also alleges that she'll "engage in acts of parental alienation" once the kid is born.

That is, she'll do whatever she can to keep him away from the child.

Stevie J with Joseline

If he's granted custody, Stevie J is also asking for child support.

Earlier this month, Hernandez made her own plea for child support against Stevie J.

So things are clearly about to get even uglier between Joseline and Stevie, which may be sort of funny and is definitely entertaining for us to write about.

But it's also sad, for what should be the most obvious of reasons.

Because a child is coming in to the world soon, after all.

And we can't imagine entering a world in which these are the two people charged with bringing us up ... what about you?

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