Young Dro Confirms Love & Hip Hop Involvement, Denies Joseline Hernandez Relationship

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Young Dro has answered one question about his professional life.

But the semi-random rapper has refused to provide one key answer about his personal life.

Speaking to radio show The Breakfast Club, Dro confirmed that he will, indeed, play a role on Season 6 of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta.

There had been rumors for weeks of his involvement in this beloved VH1 reality series, but this marks the first time Dro has discussed it in detail.

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Why is Dro making this career decision?

Because he needed to tie up a few things between him and Joseline Hernandez.

“When we did the studio thing … I thought that was just it,” he explained. “But the network been looking for me. ‘We want Dro.’ I wasn’t in the position to be on anybody’s TV.

"I didn’t want to let anybody in my personal business. But at the same time, I wanted to finish out what me and her started.”

What he and her started, huh?!? What is Dro implying here?

We ask because Hernandez is pregnant. She's well into her third trimester, in fact.

The reality star has sworn that Stevie J is her impending baby's daddy, but rumors continue to swirl that Dro actually knocked up Hernandez, especially after the two were spotted out and about this May.

When asked if it was possible for his sperm to have fertilized Joseline's egg, Young Dro simply said "No Comment" this summer.

It's almost as if he WANTS us to speculate over the paternity situation here.

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Hernandez has alleged in the past that Stevie J watched gay pornography and molests his own daughter with Mimi Faust, so she isn't exactly the most reliable source on the planet.

She's either lying about that, which makes us wonder what else she would lie about ... or she's telling the truth and we're left to wonder:

Why would she possibly sleep with him again?!?

In this latest interview, Young Dro at the very least denied that he's actively dating Hernandez.

He made it sound as if he was never official in any capacity with her.

“I’m definitely not dating [Stevie J’s] girl,” he said, adding that there won’t be any kind of feud between him and Joseline’s ex on the reality show:

“That’s the one thing I told [the producers] I will not do.”

How noble of him.

But let's note that denying a relationship is not the same as denying that he and Hernandez may have had sexual intercourse at some point. Without protection. Producing a baby in the process, if you get our drift.

Joseline is due to welcome a baby girl into the world in early January.

In a recent Twitter rant, she emphasized that Stevie J got her pregnant... by blasting her ex as irresponsible.

“Listen you less of a man literally. I never asked you for anything #Steviej DNA test don’t lie.

"You are a worth less son of a b----! You know you are the daddy of this baby. But thank god you are disclaiming the baby. Trust me and believe you will never see your kid.”

High. Drama.

It's safe to assume that Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta Season 6 will air after Season 7 of Love & Hip Hop: New York, which premieres November 21 at 8/7 on VH1.

We'll definitely be tuning in for it now. Will you?!?

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