Rob Kardashian is a Doting Father, Gets So Much Hate for It

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It seems like Rob Kardashian's whole entire life has changed since little baby Dream Kardashian was born.

And thank goodness for that.

Dream Kardashian Sleeping Photo

Before Blac Chyna got pregnant, Rob was headed down a seriously dark path. He was really just riding that downward spiral all the way to the bottom.

Even during the pregnancy, Rob had a few setbacks -- namely his constantly volatile relationship with Chyna.

But after Dream came into this world, Rob put aside all the needless drama, and it really looks like he's focusing on his little girl.

He shared that adorable new pic of her up there, and do you want to know what he wrote for the caption? Is your heart even ready?

"Sleep baby," he wrote. "Best thing that has ever happened to me in my life."

It's painfully sweet, right? It just hurts so good.

Rob Kardashian, Daughter

But, as always, there were several people that just were not content to let Rob have his moment.

"Glad your dream came true," one seemingly kind person wrote before adding "You still need Jesus though."

Others took issue with the blanket and the pacifier, concerned about suffocation risks, but one other cautious commenter advised Rob "When baby was sleep dont take photo. Its not good."

Others brought up the Pilot Jones paternity scandal with comments like "Did you find out who the dad was?"

And then some people just got downright nasty, writing cruel remarks like "Your baby as ugly as you is."

Robby Kardashian

Yes, you do have to be careful with blankets around such small babies, but Rob is obviously watching her closely here -- it's not like he wrapped her up and walked away.

And while the paternity drama was fun for a while, it's extremely obvious that Dream is Rob's daughter. She looks exactly like him.

Also, comments about how this baby is "ugly"? Are these comments coming from people with eyes?

Dream is beautiful, she is a sweet precious baby, and Rob is an adorable dad.

Dream Kardashian

Why can't that be enough? Who hurt you, Instagram commenters?

Congrats again to Rob on his gorgeous baby girl and his new lifetime gig.

And seriously, screw the haters.

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