Rob Kardashian: Out of Hospital ... Refusing Rehab?!

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Keeping up with the Kardashians star Rob Kardashian is now back home after being hospitalized with diabetes this week, insiders report.

Is the troubled celeb refusing further treatment, though?

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While the 28-year-old is home safe, many fear that he will quickly fall back into his old habits, and refuse the help he so dearly needs.

Will this serve as a wake-up call for Rob Kardashian, or just another warning sign he missed in what has become a sad, slow decline?

"Rob does not want to see anyone and he has made that very clear to the whole family,” an insider close to the famous family reports.

“He is not answering calls or returning [texts].”

The only person that can see him is Khloe, whose house he lives in, and who posted a melancholy Instagram photo in his honor.

Even Khloe has struggled to get through to him as his deteriorated, and his entire family is concerned he will keep shutting them out.

Especially at a time like this, it's worrisome.

"Of course Rob is scared right now and he should be,” the source told Radar, adding that the situation is worse than you think.

"His health is the worst it has ever been and, diabetes aside, he has mental health issues that seem to be at the center of this."

"Everyone is urging him to go to rehab, whether it be a physical rehabilitation rehab or a drug program,” the insider added.

They're currently at a loss, because, "the kid needs help and if he does not get the help he will not be around to see 2017.”

No one wants that. Time to man up, Rob.

We know it's not that simple, but you've got a huge support system and so much going for you in life. Don't just waste it bruh.

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