Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna: Is It Over? For Real?!?

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Rob Kardashian may be on the outs with more than just Kylie Jenner.

As reported earlier today, the reality star made major headlines last night when he Tweeted Kylie's phone number to his many millions of followers.

Why would he do such a thing?

Why would he screw over a member of his family?

Rob & Chyna Pic

Because Kylie was planning a baby shower without inviting the woman who is actually carrying Rob's baby, Blac Chyna.

In response to this snub, Kardashian said Kylie must have "lost her damned mind," releasing his sister's digits for all to see and making sure to even tell the world that he wasn't "hacked."

He really did release his sister's number.

Multiple outlets have confirmed it really is Kylie's number in the Tweet and that she was forced to have it disconnected.

Here. See the phone number and baby shower-related rant below:

kylie number

According to TMZ, this story is true.

But there's a lot more to it:

An insider says that Kylie and some others were planning separate baby showers for Rob and Chyna because the couple has essentially broken up.

They supposedly haven't had any contact in weeks, last hanging out for dinner the night before Rob & Chyna premiered on E!.

Simply put, TMZ writes, Kardashian and Chyna have "split."

And while those who watch Rob & Chyna online have seen plenty of arguments between its stars... and while the extended trailer for Season 1 (below) features nearly nothing but massive blow-outs between the two... this is not a planted story to drive up ratings.

TMZ is not a website that engages in such tactics.

It would never report on a story that was not well-sourced.

This doesn't mean Rob and Chyna are over forever and that's it. We're just saying that TMZ is not helping the couple make new headlines for the purposes of publicity.

The anonymous source at the center of this report claims Blac Chyna had actually agreed to the two separate baby showers.

That's how bad things apparently are between her and Rob; she was totally fine not sharing this experience with her fiance.

Rob was unaware of the plans, however, which is why he blew up at Kylie in the Tweets posted above.

This isn't the first time Kardashian and Chyna have run into problems.

Just a few weeks ago, Rob deleted all references to his fiancee on Instagram and moved out of her house.

This was the storyline that served as the premiere for the Rob & Chyna series premiere, during which Rob acknowledged that he can overreact to certain situations.

Did he do so again here?

We don't what actually caused this latest split, so we can't say for certain whether nor Rob has  overreacted.

But we can say that these people are bringing a child into the world.

They have to get their $hit together, which doesn't mean they have to actually be together, not if it isn't in the child's best interest.

This isn't gonna fly, however; the constant back and forths, the Twitter insults, the miscommunication, the attacking of family members.

Rob and Chyna need to get along in a mature manner.

Is that really asking too much?!?

At least Kim Kardashian is around to teach Rob all about parenting. We're serious.

And we never would have imagined writing those words just a couple short years ago.

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