Blac Chyna on Pilot Jones Baby Daddy Rumors: I Will Smack the S--t Outta ...

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As we reported Thursday, a bombshell report claims that Pilot Jones got Blac Chyna pregnant while she was cheating on Rob Kardashian.

Who is Pilot Jones? And how did Chyna respond to this allegation?

Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna Have a Chat

If you watch Rob and Chyna online, and saw the trailer for the coming season, you know there's a paternity test coming later this fall.

Well, now we may have some clue as to why this is.

Chyna's close friendship with singer and actor is raising eyebrows, with Radar citing sources claiming with certainty that he's the father.

The expose didn't exactly go over well at home.

Jones's rep admitted they were "great friends," but declined to comment on the paternity drama; Chyna was far less opaque in her reply.

Asked for comment by the celebrity news site, the pregnant Blac went off via text message, threatening violence and/or legal action.

Blac Text Response

"Don't text my mother****in with no f***ing liars b***h [sic]," she texted a Radar reporter. "I will smack the sh*t outta you !!!!!"

That about sums up her reaction in a nutshell.

The alleged scandal, she claimed, is all "Lies!"

Asked by the determined reporter if this constitutes an official statement on her relationship with Jones, Chyna explained her position:

"Don't text my phone again psycho b***h. Are u f****g retarded? Don't text my phone again !!!!!! Or I will call my lawyer!!!!'

Notice the lack of denial, though. Hmm ...

Blac Chyna on Pilot Jones' Instagram

To be clear, Blac and Pilot do have a relationship. He posted a video of Chyna a few months ago, following a fantastic night of clubbing.

Or so it appeared, based on her outfit.

"Congrats to my #turnup buddy!" Jones wrote, gushing over his friend (or more than friend). "The ultimate chick that knows how to #workit"

"The only chick who knows how to shake that #ass right when that #beat drops and one of the most beautiful people I know inside and out!"

"You are truly that chick! When that #beat drop and you can't help but twerk sum @blacchyna @trinarockstarr #goworkit #pilotjones"

What does this prove, though?

Besides the fact that Pilot Jones is the kind of dude who will hashtag his own name in his own Instagram posts for no reason at all?

Jones, Pilot

It doesn't prove a whole lot, TBH. 

However, that could change as Radar claims to have viewed a series of intimate pics of Blac and Pilot kissing and caressing each other.

Not just grinding and twerking, shaking dat a-s at the club, and appreciating one another's company, but kissing and caressing, people.

Tender a-s, passionate loving s--t. 

Should Rob be worried that his baby isn't his? Considering how many times these day break up, and he deletes his Instagram, well ...

Maybe if we see some photos, but until then, we'll take everything with a grain of salt, as the whole thing has the feel of a stunt to us.

Pilot Jones Image

At least that's a possibility that's occurred to us, with Blac and Radar collaborating and involved in a clever guerilla marketing effort.

Why? Consider this:

Alongside this admittedly scandalous expose and subsequent follow-ups are near constant reminders that Rob & Chyna airs Sundays at 9/8c. 

Just saying.

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