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We told you it would happen.

We tried to warn Meghan Markle that it would happen.

And now it has happened… and we’re simply left to wonder:

What does it mean?!?

Rihanna Hangs with Harry

We’re referring, of course, to Prince Harry meeting Rihanna for the first time on Wednesday, as both stars were in Bridgetown, Barbados to help that nation celebrate its 50th anniversary of independence.

Barbados is known for many things, of course, from sun to beaches and probably lots of other stuff.

To many, though, it’s best known for having produced Rihanna.

According to the BBC, Rihanna and Harry actually hung out at two different events during this big day, first making introductions at something dubbed "Toast to the Nation."

Perhaps playing hard to get, Harry "kept the singer waiting," the BBC reports, by greeting the President of Guyana before moving on to shake hands with the beloved artist.

And his first words while making Rihanna’s acquaintance?

"Hello, it’s very nice to meet you."

Man. Classic Prince Harry, right?!?

Prince Harry Meets Rihanna

A senior royal aide said the prince, who donned his medals and his insignia as a Knight Commander of the Royal Victorian Order, had been told just 20 minutes prior to his arrival at the afternoon gala that Rihanna would be there.

So he didn’t have a lot of time to prepare.

"We thought he would be meeting her for the first time at the concert," this aide told the BBC, referring to the Golden Anniversary Spectacular Mega Concert at the Kensington Oval Cricket Ground.

Rihanna sang the national anthem at the gathering.

Prince Harry, of course, is dating Markle, who is an actress on the random hit series Suits. We hear that it airs on the USA Network.

The relationship has been heating up of late, with sources saying Markle slept over at Kensington Palace last month and adding that an engagement could be in the works.

Prince Harry and Rihanna

In a recent People Magazine article, which someone close to Markle claims the actress is “head over heels” for Harry and is “doing everything she can to make the relationship work."

This person added:

"It’s been an absolute fairy tale for Meghan."

Seriously. This was likely meant almost literally.

So it certainly seems as if Markle and Harry are doing quite well. Very well, in fact. Better than anyone likely would have expected when news of this romance first went viral.

We doubt Markle has anything to worry about.

It’s just Rihanna is all.

Even if she does not mean to, she has the potential to create conflict within almost any relationship because she’s attractive and elusive and talented and sexy and…

… what? Sorry. We lost our train of thought.

She’s also single at the moment.

Was Harry able to resist the temptation of taking things further than mere pleasantries?

Probably. For the sake of Markle, who seems very nice, let’s hope so.