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Irina Shayk walked the sexy runway of the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show on Thursday night.

This would have been an impressive and seductive feat on its own, but it was made even more impression (and seductive? We guess? To some people) by the following piece of news:

Irina Shayk is pregnant!

Irina Shayk on the Runway
Photo via Getty

This exciting tidbit went viral just a couple hours before Shayk strutted her attractive stuff on the famous Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show stage.

The event was filmed in Paris and will air on CBS this Monday night, December 5.

The impending child will be the first for Shayk and Bradley Cooper, who have been dating since spring of last year.

They got together not long after the beloved model split from soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo and the beloved actor broke up with Suki Waterhouse.

Irina Shayk ad Bradley Cooper
Photo via Getty

Shayk donned a number of outfits for this Victoria’s Secret-themed gathering, including gray lingerie and thigh high black boots.

At one point, it appears as if you could see a baby bump peeking through her trench coat when she stopped to pose for the crowd.

Then, during another walk down the runway, Shayk rocked a red halter top bra and tall stilettos, although this time around she kept her stomach hidden with a matching fringed robe.

You tell us: Can you see a baby bump in the following photograph?

Irina Shayk Image
Photo via Getty

While Cooper and Shayk don’t speak in public much about their relationship, a source close to the twosome told E! News back in July of 2015, just months after they first started banging, that things were clearly serious.

And he or she wasn’t simply speaking for himself or herself, either.

"Everyone that is close to the couple really thinks this is it for the two of them," claimed this individual at the time.

Let’s hope so now, right? Considering the stars are about to be first-time parents.

(To what we’re sure will be a very good looking child.)

"They both want kids one day and that’s been discussed between them," another insider previously told E!. "They have a huge attraction to each other between them and their personalities and their sexual energies."

Whoa there! TMI! These are parents-to-be we’re talking about.

In all seriousness, though, we wish nothing but the best to Shayk and Bradley.