Prince Harry to Party with Rihanna; Should Meghan Markle Be Worried?

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Over the past few weeks, numerous sources have confirmed the seriousness of the relationship between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

The Royal hunk and the Suits actress have been spending a lot of time together and may even soon get engaged.

Heck, they even have the blessing of Prince William.

So... what might get in the way of Harry and Markle's romance? What might be the main obstacle that prevents the Suits star from birthing many Royal babies?

Rihanna on a Red Carpet

It's not a what, it's a who.

And what a who it is: Rihanna!

According to OK! Weekly sources, the gorgeous singer is scheduled to sing the national anthem at the 50th anniversary celebration for her native island of Barbados. 

This would not be especially noteworthy, except for the fact that Harry has been in the Caribbean for several days now and is expected to attend numerous parties at which Rihanna will also be present.

Do you see where we're going here?

Do you understand why Markle, who will be unable to attend the festivities due to the filming of her USA Network drama, should be concerned?

If not, let us break it down for you:

Rihanna is extremely good looking and likes to have a good time.

Prince Harry is also extremely good looking and likes to have a good time.

Would anyone really be shocked if alcohol flowed, sultry looks were exchanged and Harry suddenly ended up naked under Rihanna umbrella?

Prince Harry Likes Cricket

The singer is now single, having split from Drake and, we sincerely hope, having finally put Chris Brown in her rearview mirror.

Yes, Markle is also very easy on the eyes and, yes, Harry seems to be going to every length he possibly can to make sure she is safe and comfortable.

According to one recent report, for example, he's willing to pay for a personal bodyguard to track Markle throughout the day in order to ensure her well-being.

How many other men out there would make such an offer?!?

Last month, Harry also took the extraordinary step of acknowledging his romance with Markle via a statement that called out trolls for their online harassment and death threats.

Harry went as far as to refer to Markle as his "girlfriend" in this statement, which concluded by telling folks to calm the heck down and shut the heck up.

After all, it read, "this is not a game - it is her life and his."

Meghan Markle is Pretty

So all does seem to be going very well between Harry and Markle.

But still. Rihanna. That's all we really have to say here. Rihanna.

Make sure you call your man often over the next few days, Meghan.

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