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A new video allegedly showing one of the thugs who robbed Kim Kardashian could be the key to solving her case at last … if it’s real, anyway.

A copy of purported security camera footage taken of the chilling heist that went down on the night of October 3 was posted today by Radar.

Kim Kardashian Girls Lounge Dinner 2015

Kim, 36, was held at gunpoint in the luxurious No Name Hotel in Paris and robbed of millions in jewels. The crime has yet to be solved.

Radar’s video, however, reveals the face of one of the alleged culprits for the very first time, though the story surrounding it raises questions.

According to an insider quoted by the celebrity gossip site, the thieves demanded that the building staff turn over video from the cameras on site.

That, they believed, would scuttle any trace of evidence.

Since that fateful night, however, either the goons have been showing the video to the wrong people or it’s been stolen, ’cause Radar got it.

Kim Kardashian Plays with Hair

The video purports to show “Kim’s friend or nanny being held … they were storming the room, and one of her friends was being held.”

“At the time, Kim was in her bedroom, and there weren’t any cameras there. She didn’t come out to help her friend outside of her door.”

“But you can see that it was very violent."

"Kim had every right to be spooked!”

Indeed, the grainy black and white footage shows an unknown thug coming up behind and dragging a blonde woman around by the neck.

Understandably, the woman looks terrified.

Kim Kardashian Robbery Footage: First Look!

Up until now, officials have had little to go on beyond dark and blurry footage of the robbers escaping from the scene on bikes (above).

Will this new video be the clue they need?

It wouldn’t erase the horrible events of this fall, but it would no doubt offer some degree of closure and satisfaction for Kim if so.

Since then, she’s clearly been affected, having gone quiet on social media even before Kanye West’s mental breakdown this month.

"Kim thinks that it is absolutely absurd that these guys have not been caught. She will never be able to get this out of her head," an insider says.

"She was certain that she was going to be killed."

The star is upset that the assailants are at large, and at this point, has lamented the strong possibility that they may never face justice.

The fact that some people think the Kim Kardashian robbery was fake or somehow embellished for ratings eats away at her too.

Says another family insider close to the situation:

"The fact that nothing has been done and no one has been charged just makes this whole situation that much worse for her and her family."

"She is starting to think that they will never be caught.”

Cross your fingers that this the cops’ big break, though we have to say, the video – even if it is from the attack – leaves a lot to be desired.