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Madison Beer is the latest teen up-and-comer that the Internet has taken a creepy level of interest in. 

Like Kylie Jenner, Bella Thorne and Ariel Winter before her, Madison has built up a massive social media following while still in her teens – and as with those ladies, her popularity probably has more to do with her skillful selfies than with her talents as en entertainer.

Madison has an astonishing 6.9 million Instagram followers, and that number might increase exponentially in the coming days…

Madison Beer Selfie
Photo via Instagram

… but it still won’t have anything to do with her music.

The Internet is currently losing its collective mind over news that Madison went hiking with Justin Bieber yesterday.

Yes, they went for a walk together in the woods in broad daylight, and thousands on social media concluded that they must be sleeping together.

In fairness, it’s not the first time that Madison and Justin have been the subjects of romantic rumors.

At the time, she was just 15, and Justin was 20, so here’s hoping that was just an ugly rumor.

Madison Beer on Instagram
Photo via Instagram

Of course, these days, Madison is 17, and Justin is 22, so while a relationship would be slightly more socially acceptable, it would still be gross, and, under California law, illegal.

And that’s not the only roadblock to the Beerber relationship.

Madison began dating Jack Gilinsky of the pop duo Jack & Jack in 2014.

She marked her two-year anniversary with Gilinsky in an Instagram post back in July, but shortly thereafter, the young singer was arrested for shoplifting, and he’s seldom been seen with Beer in the months since.

Madison started her career as a protege of Justin’s, and photos like this have spurred rumors that their relationship is more than just professional:

Madison Beer with Justin Bieber

Of course, there’s some debate as to whether the dude in her lap is really Justin, but the fact that she captioned the pic, "baby baby" seems to be sly hint that is indeed the Biebs with whom she’s canoodling.

Justin recently confirmed that he’s single during an interview with Ellen DeGeneres, so if he is hooking up with Madison, it’s safe to assume it’s nothing more than a "friends with benefits" situation.’

Which is probably what’s best for everyone involved.