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Might Kim Kardashian have plummeted to such a pathetic new low that even Donald Trump would be disgusted by the reality star’s actions?

That’s what Radar Online is trying to imply by sharing a new video of Kardashian inside her Paris apartment.

The footage was allegedly filmed soon after Kim got robbed at gunpoint of over $10 million in jewelry.

Kim Kardashian, Up Klose and Personal
Photo via Instagram

The crime took place early on the morning of October 3 and its details have prompted even the most ardent Kardashian haters to feel sorry for this mother of two:

She was yanked out of bed. She had her hands tied. She was bound and gagged. She believed she was going to be raped.

But did all of this really take place?

Or might Kim and Kanye West have concocted the ultimate lie in order to compensate for the latter’s dire financial situation?

Radar is running a video that claims to depict the scene inside Kim’s apartment not long after the robbery went down.

It’s unclear who is behind the camera, but the footage features Kardashian bundled up in a blanket, sitting on the sofa and talking on her cell phone.

She does not seeming disturbed or panicked.

Moreover, at least a couple of reports had claimed that the thieves stole the very cell phone on which we see Kim video-chatting.

Is this so-called evidence not enough to convince you that Kardashian staged the robbery and lied about the entire thing? We don’t blame you.

But there’s more…

Kardashian told authorities that her hands were zip-tied behind her back during the robbery.

She says she was thrown into the bathroom and unable to move, due to these bindings.

HOWEVER, Radar stops its tape to show that there are no visible markings on either of Kim’s wrists, despite these assertions of what transpired.

(In order to test Kardashian’s story, Radar hilariously writes that an employee "subjected herself to being hogtied [and] suffered bruising almost immediately." That may be the funniest lie line we see written on a celebrity gossip site all decade.)

Kim Image

What else does Radar claim runs counter to Kardashian’s claims?

The apartment is not in disarray. The furniture is all in place and there is no sign of forced entry on any doorways.

Magazine clippings are intact on the wall and a bunch of mirrors remain in place.

(Then again: the robbers reportedly knew what items they were looking for, specifically asking Kim where to find the $4.5 million ring gifted to her by Kanye.

She reportedly told them, meaning they had no reason to ransack the apartment.

Also, the assailants supposedly held the concierge hostage and he very likely had a key to the apartment. This would explain the lack of forced entry.)

Radar zooms in on Kim’s assistant, who appears to be wearing a lapel mic, along with cameras mounted on the wall of the apartment.

What would these be for, the website wonders, considering Keeping Up With the Kardashians was not being filmed at the time, according to the family?

In February, Kanye West Tweeted of his money problems:

“I write this to you my brothers while still 53 million dollars in personal debt … Please pray we overcome … This is my true heart. I don’t have enough resources to create what I really can."

For this reason, other outlets have also wondered whether West staged this robbery in order to collect on the insurance from the allegedly stolen pieces of jewelry.

It would be a scandal of biblical proportions if that rumor was somehow proven true.

But is this Radar video really enough to make you believe there’s validity to that claim?

Does what you see in that footage constitute any kind of evidence against Kim and Kanye?

We’re no fans of Kim Kardashian here at The Hollywood Gossip. Not by a very long shot.

And we’ve been conditioned to be cynical of nearly every celebrity over many years of covering them.

But still. Come on. We can’t bring ourselves to believe that Kimye would be capable of conjuring up such a fantastic story.

Are you buying any of this? Or do you believe that Kim Kardashian was truly robbed at gunpoint?