The Internet is Freaking Out Over This Photo of Blonde Obama ... or Justin Bieber?!

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Justin Bieber and Barack Obama don't look anything alike ... or do they?

The answer is no. No they do not.

And yet somehow, a photo posted by Madison Beer has the Internet wondering if the singer was lucky enough to spend a magical evening with the mythical hybrid being known Jurack Biebama.

Madison Beer with ... Justin Bieber?

In the spirit of The Dress or that photo that in which Bill Murray looks like Tom Hanks, social media is freaking out over this pic that looks a lot like Justin ... and yet also looks like a blonde Obama.

"WHY HE LOOK LIKE OBAMA WITH BLONDE HAIR LMFAOOO," commented one Instagram user.

"He looks like the child of Justin Bieber and Barack Obama!" wrote another.

You get the idea.

It makes zero sense, but for some reason, from that one angle, under that exact lighting, Justin Bieber looks like SoCal Obama.

Justin Bieber Chills in Car

It's disturbing thought to contemplate, but we couldn't help but wonder what would happen if Obama and the Biebs did manage to meld their minds and bodies, a la that movie with Jeff Goldblum and the fly.

We want to say it was the Powder.

Obviously, there would certainly be some downsides:

Storming out in the middle of the State of the Union every time some jerk-ass congressman called him a liar; stubborn insistence on referring to Angela Merkel as "girl."

Barack Obama Instagram Photo

But believe it or not there would be some perks, too.

For one thing, Biebama would've had no trouble passing a universal healthcare bill.

("It's how we do it in Canada, girl." *pouts, pops, locks* *nation swoons*)

And you know the President of the United States sparking a giant blunt to celebrate the assassination of Bin Laden would've gone down as one of the great moments in US history.

Of course, things would have gotten messy when Donald Trump demanded to see President Biebama's birth certificate, but Jurack could've simply assured Trump that despite his accent, he's actually white.

That would've certainly been enough to get the Donald to back off.

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