Farrah Abraham Sits on Santa's Lap, Gets Hate for Days

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Farrah Abraham is not the greatest human being -- she's disrespectful, she's mean-spirited, she's ignorant, and she insists that she has none of these issues.

But damn, some of y'all are just cold.

Like, yes, Farrah is terrible, but do you have to make it about her face?

Apparently, a lot of people feel like the answer to that question is "yes, we absolutely do have to make it about her face," because Farrah got ripped to shreds after sharing this photo:

Farrah Abraham with Sophia and Santa Claus

It's kind of sweet if you squint and have the ability to forget everything Farrah's ever said or done, right?

She and her daughter, Sophia, are sitting on Santa's lap, having a merry old time, looking kind of happy.

But still, countless people took to the comments to face-shame Farrah.

"Tell Santa to bring you a new face," one person wrote. "Yours looks ugly and bloated as sh-t."

"Ugliest picture I've ever seen!" another commented. "You look fat and your makeup is cakey and ratchet."

Another person tried to be nice, writing "I actually used to think you were very pretty now you just look stupid from all your surgeries such a shame."

Farrah Abraham Botox Fail

And one more commenter just decided to be direct, telling Farrah "You look like someone just threw up on yo face."

Other terrible people decided to go after, Sophia, too.

Several of them advised Sophia to ask Santa for a hairbrush, since her hair looks messy from time to time -- sure, she's a child, but why pass up a chance to slam Farrah?

Others -- yes, as in multiple people -- said that Sophia looks like "a spawn of Satan," and some even made unbelievably low comments that really shouldn't even be repeated.

One relatively mild example of those kinds of cruel comments is "Your daughter is going to be ridiculed her whole life because you are such a piece of trash."

"Bet she wishes her mom died instead of her dad."

Farrah Abraham Bawlin'

And then, if you can even believe it, the haters even came after Santa Claus.

"Santa's like yeah bitch I'll come through the BACK DOOR to drop off those presents this year," one sad soul actually thought, typed out, then posted.

A similarly tragic human also wrote "I bet you let Santa stick his candy cane in your ass."

Is nothing sacred?!

Seriously, there are a million things to hate about Farrah, probably even two or three million if you really sit down and think about it.

Farrah Abraham: Nose Job Photo?

There's no need to get so catty about her face, or to bring her innocent child into this.

And there's definitely no reason to drag Santa into this mess.

Do better, internet. Just this once, just for a little while, do better.

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