Farrah Abraham Plastic Surgery ... This is Out of CONTROL!

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Farrah Abraham's and her never-ending plastic surgery endeavors are getting out of control. 

And if you don't think so, then you need to look at her latest lips - which are definitely plumper in comparison to what they used to be.

Farrah Abraham Huge Lips Photo

We're not sure what's worse - the extemely severe-looking eyebrows, the terribly fake-looking false eyelashes, or the unseeing, vacuous eyes. 

Oh, what's that? 

She can't help that last part? Our bad. 

It definitely looks like Farrah went overboard with lip injections in this shocking, in-your-face photo, and there's no coming back from this. 

She previously looked worse, but this new look isn't much better. 

Farrah Abraham Lip Injections Photo

In prior years, she channeled Futurama's Leela, and after that experience, you'd think she would have learned her lesson. 

The Teen Mom star's face has changed so much over the years, it's hard to realize that we're even looking at the same person anymore. 

Since she hit the scene, exploiting her teenage gestation, she's had her boobs done multiple times, a butt lift, and multiple procedures done on her lips. 

Rumors about her butt have flown around for years, and you, yourself, probably know what that thing looks like as if it were your own. 

Teen Mom Author

Farrah's face wasn't a bad face to begin with.  

Yeah, it was a childish face, but that was because she was a teen when we first met her. Makes sense. 

Howver, can you wrap your head around how Farrah might look today had she not done half of what she did with her face and body over the years?

We might actually be looking at a pretty woman, instead of a plastic-filled sack of vicious drama and poor parenting. 

Farrah and Sophia

Whatever Farrah's doing - or not doing ... or considering doing - she needs to stop. 

Things are getting far out of hand, and there will, undoubtedly, be a time where there's just no return. 

And like Snooki and her constant evolution, we're just about there, y'all. 

Just about damn there.  

Get a grip, Farrah. And while you're at it, take some parenting classes, too, girl. 

Heaven knows we don't need another generation of Teen Moms on our hands all over again. 

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