Chris Crocker to Donald Trump: Grow the Eff Up!

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About a decade ago, Chris Crocker rose to viral infamy.

Long before Chewbacca Mom and other random people dominated the news for 15 Minutes here and there, Crocker sky-rocketed into an Internet sensation without the assistance of Twitter or Facebook.

He did so as the result of the following video, in which Crocker begged, pleaded and cried for people to leave Britney Spears alone, back when the singer was experiencing a few personal and professional hiccups.

Actually, to be more accurate, Crocker begged, pleaded and cried for people to LEAVE BRITNEY SPEARS ALONE, as you can see below:

In response to this emotional video, Crocker was the victim of mockery and derision by complete strangers and also by the media. For years, really.

So the young man knows a thing or two about getting made fun of.

He speaks from experience.

And he's now using that experience to call out none other than Donald Trump.

Crocker - who hasn't really been heard from since the fallout of his viral video and who says on Twitter that he likes "food" and to speak his "mind" - hilariously wrote the following this week: 

crocker tweet

As you can see above, Crocker simply could not handle Trump claiming on Twitter that the press isn't handling him with accuracy or honor.

The guy was elected President of the United States.

You would think that might satisfy his very fragile ego; or at least make him realize that he has to act more like a dignified human being than as a scorned sixth grader.

Instead, Trump jumps on Twitter every time Saturday Night Live offends his sensibilities or nearly anyone in the country criticizes his behavior.

Donald Trump Double Chin

"Hi. I'm the "Leave Britney Alone guy". I was a meme & laughing stock for 10 years. I delt it," wrote Crocker in his perfect Tweet, concluding as follows:

"You're the President-Elect. Grow up."

We'd say this was no big deal and that we'll never hear from Crocker again, but have you seen how Donald Trump operates?!?

The dude recently re-Tweeted some random 16-year old just because he agreed with what the teenager wrote.

Do you really think Trump is above engaging with Chris Crocker on social media?!?

And by engaging, we mean insulting, of course.

Donald Trump in Victory Tour

So, while we await Trump to start a feud with someone best known for imploring the universe to give Britney Spears a break, allow us to offer Crocker a compliment.

We don't want him to feel bad when Trump inevitably goes off, so hopefully he reads this and remembers it. Hopefully he takes our words to heart.

Chris: we just saw your Twitter profile pic...

Chris Crocker in 2016

... and you look terrific!

Best of luck in life, man.

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