Donald Trump: At Least This Random Teen Thinks I'm Not Nuts!

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Despite his frequent promises to behave in a "more presidential" fashion if he were to be elected to the White House, President-elect Trump is still behaving very much like Candidate Trump, at least on his favorite social media platform.

Throughout his campaign, Trump used Twitter as a cudgel to bludgeon his opponents and direct his millions of followers to their next target.

It was an unprecedented strategy that may have helped the real estate mogul win the electoral college, but even many of his staunchest supporters conceded that Trump should probably minimize his social media presence if he became president.

Donald Trump in Reno

Now, we're less than two months from the Donald's swearing-in, and he's showing no signs of easing up on the trolling.

Just yesterday Trump claimed that millions voted illegally in the November 9 election, but his claims are entirely without proof.

(Or logic. Trump knows he won the election, right?)

Prior to that, Trump feuded with the cast of Hamilton, because apparently a man with no public service experience who's about to assume the most powerful elected office in the world has nothing better to do than beef with Broadway stars.

Donald Trump in Pennsylvania

Sadly, the list of Trump's recent Twitter feuds goes on and on (Trump vs. Alec Baldwin and the cast of SNL is a favorite of ours.), but obviously, the man is not without his supporters.

In fact, just as eagerly as he launches brutal ad hominem attacks on his opponents, Trump retweets his advocates, especially when they favor his unique brand of "scolding a disobedient pet" invective.

In response to CNN reporter Jeff Zeleny's argument that Trump's voting fraud claims are entirely without merit, Trump recently retweeted this:

Donald Trump Retweet

Now, one could argue that as the man who's claiming that millions of fraudulent ballots were cast, even though election rigging on that scale is unheard of in the US, the burden of proof is on Trump, but Donald is still angry that Zeleny didn't offer any concrete evidence.

And so, apparently, is 16-year-old Seth, the original author of the tweet.

Seth Tweet

We're not about to rag on a teenager for taking an interest in politics, but we will rag on Trump for enlisting a high school kid to do his dissing for him.

The best part of this story may be the fact that Trump took a look at Seth's original tweet, decided it was missing his signature mic-drop exclamation at the end, and added "Bad reporter!"

Bad President-elect! Bad!

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