Chewbacca Mom Becomes Biggest Viral Facebook Star EVER

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Note to Kim Kardashian

THIS is how you break the Internet.

Chewbacca Mask Woman

A Texas woman named Candace Payne has risen to historic viral fame just days after sharing a video of herself in a Chewbacca mask.

It wasn't the mere wearing of the Chewbacca mask, of course, that has made Payne famous on the Internet.

It was the excited way in which she told the camera about buying it and then the adorable, non-stop laughter that resulted from her wearing it.

Here. Relive the video for yourself below:

Trending as #chewbaccamasklady, Payne made those in Star Wars universe stand up and cheer after she purchased her mask at a local Kohl’s,

The unique footage has now been viewed over 114 million times (yes, over 114 MILLION times!), making it the most-watched Facebook Live video in history.

By a very wide margin.

In response to the record, Payne took to the social media platform to express her shock and gratitude:

“Today has been a whirlwind. I’m grateful for every kind word and comment even if I haven’t replied. Y’all. OVERWHELMED with gratitude.

"Let’s keep belly laughing again and again.

"Never imagined finding my ‘simple joy’ would land me more VIEWS on a little FB video than Mark Zuckerberg has followers. INSANE. Find your ‘simple joy’! Good Day. Now Good Night.

"It’s all love.”

It really is. There was something very sweet and simple and innocent and joyful about Payne's video.

Not to mention the fact that it was based on a character from the most popular film franchise in Hollywood history.

Kohl’s, meanwhile, took advantage of this marketing opportunity to surprise Payne at her home with more Star Wars merchandise, as well as 10,000 Kohl’s reward points as thanks for shopping at the department store.

What a great story.

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