Donald Trump Gets Roasted by SNL, Hilariously Whines About It

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Donald Trump ... well, let's put it this way: there's an extremely good chance that he's the most ridiculous person to ever exist in the history of humans existing.

You can't even make up some of the things he says and does, and hey, why would you want to?

He's consistently outrageous, offensive, and just plain absurd.

But if you call him out on it? 

Well, what a big ol' bully you are, you mean thing, you!

Donald Trump is Upset

Still, Saturday Night Live has done a masterful job of making fun of Trump, and despite the protests of the man himself, they just keep on keepin' on.

Alec Baldwin has played Trump so beautifully in skits based on all three debates, and one more after the election results were in.

And last night, Baldwin came back again for a very, very funny skit about Donald's bizarre tweeting habits.

You can check out the delightful video below, but if you need convincing, know that it was so good that Trump felt the need to defend himself on Twitter.

Yes, he saw SNL making fun of him for tweeting too much, and he tweeted about it. 

"Just tried watching Saturday Night Live - unwatchable!" he wrote. "Totally biased, not funny and the Baldwin impersonation just can't get any worse. Sad."

Here, you're going to want to watch the magic for yourself:

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