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In 24 hours, Americans will head to their polling places to elect a new president.

No one knows how this wild election will play out, but the results are sure to be historic.

Considering the fact that the expected outcome is sure to be contested, it may take a while for us to figure out which candidate secured the necessary 270 electoral votes, but fortunately, Chelsea Houska is getting America’s back.

Chelsea Houska: 25 Weeks Pregnant
Photo via Instagram

The Housk is giving up-to-the-minute results on the question that’s been keeping her fans up nights for weeks.

Yes, we finally know the gender of Chelsea Houska’s second child.

The Teen Mom 2 star answered that question over the weekend with a "gender reveal photo" she posted on social media.

Side note: when did revealing your baby’s gender become an American Idol results show?

People used to just tell you what kid of baby they were having, dammit!

Anyway, now that we’ve had our Andy Rooney moment, we can tell you that Chelsea is having a …

Chelsea Houska Gender Reveal Photo
Photo via Instagram

…Boy! Chelsea is having a boy!

Chelsea teased the big announcement with the photo above, a shot of the family with mini-Cole Jr.’s clothes hanging on the line.

We’re not sure that’s what they’re going to name him, of course, but based on this picture, it would certainly be appropriate.

She teased the announcement – which lived up to expectations and then some – earlier in the day with a tweet reading:

"We miiiiight be making an exciting announcement about baby DeBoer tonight."

Hilariously, her father, Randy Houska, responded with:

"Wait…………………… You’re pregnant?"

Oh, that Papa Rand.

Chelsea Houska Aubree Cole DeBoer Pic Fourth July
Photo via Instagram/Chelsea Houska

As you probably already know (because, ya know – you read this far in an article about her) Chelsea married Cole DeBoer last month.

She was pregnant at the time, but that didn’t stop her. 

No, this was the opposite of a Rob and Chyna situation where she held off on getting hitched so she could party at her own wedding.

Chelsea clearly just wanted to make this thing legal.

(Unlike Chyna, who – let’s be honest – already got what she came for, but that’s neither here nor there at this point.)

Houska is the mother of one daughter already – Aubree – from her previous relationship with Adam Lind, as you also know.

Cole? Pretty much the biggest upgrade there is.

Chelsea Houska Baby Bump
Photo via Instagram

Big and beautiful as her baby bump (seen above with the reality star’s pet pig) is, it looks like it’s carrying a baby. Singular.

We guess you can take this as an unofficial refutation of the rumor surfacing last week that Chelsea Houska is having twins.

Sure, she could be having TWO boys (she’s not).

It’s hard to believe that she’d make such a big, public reveal like this and keep the most interesting part (twins) to herself.

Again, there’s no way it’s twins, but a little brother for Aubree is pretty darn exciting and wonderful in and of itself, right?

Right. We can’t wait to meet the little fella.

Until that day, you can watch Teen Mom 2 online for more from the Housk, and to see what a positive example she’s setting nowadays.