Jenelle Evans: Did She REALLY Let Her Toddler Play with Fire?!

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It's hard to believe that, after all these years, Jenelle Evans can still shock us with her insanely terrible parenting choices.

But she does. She really, really does.

It seems like it's every other day that we some new evidence of Jenelle being awful, and that's because it kind of is.

Jenelle Evans Gaze

Remember when Jenelle took her two-year-old son, Kaiser, to the beach during a hurricane?

Or what about the time that she let Kaiser sit on the poor family dog, possibly injuring the puppy's back and putting the kid at risk of getting bitten?

Oh, or how about when Jenelle signed over custody of her baby to her mother so that she could smoke weed and stay out all night?

It's just issue after issue with this girl, so of course we shouldn't be surprised by this new bit of awfulness.

And yet ...

Jenelle shared this video on Snapchat of a little family bonfire. She's deleted it, but here's a handy little screenshot from it:

Jenelle Evans Fire Snapchat

Yes, that's Kaiser being way too close to the fire. Also, that's Jenelle, Kaiser's mother, holding her phone instead of leading him to a safer spot.

Obviously, people were furious.

"Hey!!" one person mocked. "Let's let our 2yo play around a bon fire!!!"

"You f-cking idiot," another wrote. "Keep Kai away from fire it's dangerous you should already know this u don't deserve custody of any kids."

Some people who saw the video before Jenelle deleted it said that it looked like Kaiser was about to fall into the fire, and others took issue with the fire itself.

Your Jenelle Evans Selfie

"That fire was horrible.. Sticks all over and no containment. #dangerous," read one tweet.

"I can't stand her, but this really is horrible. He's an outdoor guy but can't make a safe fire."

Apparently Jenelle's boyfriend, David Eason, didn't do too great a job in building the fire.

You'd think they'd be a little more careful: they live in North Carolina, and their neighboring state, Tennessee, just experienced some serious wildfires that killed several people and destroyed so many homes and businesses and animal habitats.

But hey, if Jenelle doesn't care to keep her own kid safe from the fire, why worry about anyone or anything else?

Jenelle Evans Kaiser beach pic

We're not mad, we're just disappointed.

OK, and we're also very, very mad.

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