Chelsea Houska: See Photos from Her ADORABLE Baby Shower!

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You know that thing where Chelsea Houska is the best Teen Mom out of all the Teen Moms?

Of course you do -- it's one of the top five most important Teen Mom facts!

(The other four are just about how terrible Farrah Abraham and Jenelle Evans are.)

Chelsea is wonderful, her husband, Cole DeBoer, is wonderful, and the two of them are expecting a baby come February, and that baby will obviously be wonderful, too.

And to celebrate all that, Chelsea's family threw her possibly the cutest baby shower that ever happened. Since Chelsea is the greatest, she documented the whole thing on Snapchat.

Check out the precious pics here!

1. A Celebratory Selfie!

A Celebratory Selfie!
Seriously, does any important occasion even exist if you don't make a kissy face and take a selfie at it? Because we're thinking the answer is "no."

2. Proud Mom!

Proud Mom!
Guys, just look at how excited Chelsea's mother, Mary, is to be here. We could only hope to be this excited for anything.

3. Cutest Couple Ever? Probably.

Cutest Couple Ever? Probably.
Yeah, you better know that when Chelsea has a baby shower, all genders are invited. And thank goodness -- doesn't seeing this girl with her man just warm your heart?

4. And So ... Proud Father!

And So ... Proud Father!
Yes, it wasn't just Chelsea's mother that was ready to have a good, baby-themed time. Her father, Randy, was excited AF too.

5. Also Friends!

Also Friends!
Also in attendance were some of Chelsea's closest friends. But, more notably, check out that bump!

6. Speaking of the Bump ...

Speaking of the Bump ...
A BUMP SELFIE!!! And not only that, a bump selfie featuring someone with a big ol' camera ... so we're going to see the shower on Teen Mom 2?!

7. Aww, Aubree!

Aww, Aubree!
Since men, women, and MTV producers alike were invited to the festivities, it only makes sense that Chelsea's daughter, the painfully adorable Aubree, was there, too.

8. (Step-ish)Father and Daughter Time!

(Step-ish)Father and Daughter Time!
Come on, you know Aubree couldn't be there without Cole having a precious moment with her. And just LOOK at how precious this is.

9. Nerd Alert!

Nerd Alert!
Unfortunately, we're not sure why Chelsea decided to call her mother a nerd here, but we're sure it was meant with so much love.

10. ... Diaper Keg?

... Diaper Keg?
So wait ... it looks like Chelsea and Cole called this thing a "Diaper Keg" instead of a traditional baby shower. The gimmick is that there's a keg, and to get a cup you have to bring a box of diapers. Chelsea Houska: gorgeous AND brilliant.

11. And the Results!

And the Results!
Look at all the diapers our girl managed to get! That's enough for a week, at least! Hey, they don't call newborns crying poop machines for nothing, you know?

12. Beer for All!

Beer for All!
Except Chelsea. Obviously.

13. Hold Up ...

Hold Up ...
Wait, are they really drinking beer from baby bottles here? Is that a choice someone made?

14. Beer. In Baby Bottles.

Beer. In Baby Bottles.
Yep, looks like we're just going to go with this. Well, at least they're cute, right?

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