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We are now in a period of time that will surely forever be known as the golden age of Teen Mom feuding.

It’s a beautiful time to be alive.

We’ve gotten to see our very first Teen Mom fist fight — or, well, it would have been a fist fight if Amber Portwood took a little more time to calm the rage in her heart and actually aim.

After the fight, all the Teen Moms united against Farrah and her constant awfulness — even Kailyn Lowry from Teen Mom 2 threw herself into the fray.

“The thing with Farrah,” Kailyn explained, “is that she’s so negative all the time … it’s hard to find any kind of good in her. Farrah is out here doing pornos to stay relevant.”

And Farrah kept creating new drama to keep the fire going — she called Amber a knockoff Miss Piggy, she claimed that Kailyn and Chelsea Houska got pregnant with their second children for attention.

She even called Kailyn a “puppet” for the Teen Mom production company.

Most recently, Farrah stated that she’s better than her fellow Teen Moms because “I stay about the trash they have on the show.”

The Lights Are On, But Nobody's Home

“Sadly,” she said, “the girls are not taken seriously because of how they conduct themselves, and they’re to blame, not me.”

Have you ever heard so much delusion in your whole entire life?

And we’re not even close to done.

Farrah’s sometimes boyfriend, Simon Saran, gave a new interview, and he explained that Farrah’s daughter, poor little Sophia, was there at the reunion show — and she definitely saw the fight.

“The producers had Sophia in a room and had her watch the whole thing,” Simon says. “She was terrified. Not good to scare a child like that.”

Farrah Abraham and Sophia Picture

He says that the reason Farrah was absent from the rest of the show was “because she didn’t want her daughter Sophia being a part of any of that.”

Hilariously, he adds “Notice that none of the other moms had their kids backstage.”

And Catelynn Lowell has already shut that mess down in an interview of her own.

She explains why she, Maci, and Amber didn’t bring their kids to the show, saying “We are responsible and know that our children don’t need to see adult content, so we were smart enough to have our kids somewhere else at the time because we care about the well being of our children.”

“It had nothing to do with not caring for our children,” Catelynn went on. “In fact, it’s the complete opposite.”

Catelynn Lowell Purple Hair

“We cared enough for our children to ensure they weren’t around things they don’t need to see and hear as children.”

“I can assure you that Maci, Amber, and myself are all great mothers who are beyond dedicated to our children.”

And then Catelynn decided to throw some real shade.

“Farrah, on the other hand, must not have cared,” she claims, “because if you did you wouldn’t be letting your child watch backstage!”

So fun, right? But all this does bring up more questions.

Farrah and Catelynn

For the past reunion shows, the kids all come out at the very end to look cute and to answer a few simple, fun questions. So why weren’t they there this time?

Did Amber, Maci, and Catelynn just assume that something bad was going to go down since tensions were so high?

Did they conspire together to wait until Farrah said something awful and then start a fight?

Either way, what a mess this whole thing has turned out to be. What a beautiful, entertaining, depressing mess.