Kailyn Lowry SLAMS Farrah Abraham: There's Nothing Good About Her!

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On part two of the Teen Mom: OG reunion show that aired on Monday night, we saw yet another an ugly side of Farrah Abraham.

You might be one of the millions of fans who would argue that Farrah has nothing but ugly sides, and we would be inclined to agree.

And so would Kailyn Lowry ...

Kailyn Lowry Wearing All Black Photo

In a recent interview following the reunion, Farrah felt the need to sound off about Kailyn and Chelsea Houska for reasons that remain unclear.

Farrah doesn't even appear on the same series as Kailyn and Chelsea (they star on Teen Mom 2), yet incorporated them into the discussion.

When the question of whether the franchise has resulted in an influx of adolescent girls getting pregnant in recent years, Farrah ...

Pointed the finger at her MTV colleagues:

“I’m not OK with seeing women who are getting pregnant worried about being famous like Chelsea Houska, Kailyn Lowry," Farrah told Real Mr. Housewife.

Farrah Abraham in a Gold and Black Dress

She could've pointed out that there's actually been a decline in teen pregnancies nationwide this decade, but hey. Why stay positive?

Or resort to facts (those pesky, truthy things)? Or pass up the opportunity to throw people she barely knows under the bus?

No, this was vintage Farrah.

Needless to say, Kailyn was less than pleased with Abraham's baffling diss, and she made her opinion clear in an interview with the same outlet:

As an indignant Kailyn told Mr. Housewife:

"Her exact words were that Chelsea and I got pregnant again for fame but Chelsea and I were both married and in our mid twenties."

Kailyn Lowry Looking at Her Phone Photo

Yeah, considering there's really nothing unusual about married women in their twenties having kids, we don't get Farrah's point.

Moreover, since Kailyn was already starring in a reality series when she got pregnant a second time ... we're really don't get her point.

Awesomely, Lowry didn't stop there.

She went on to discuss the Farrah Abraham sex tape, and the fact that the rest of the cast just generally can't stand the mother of Sophia:

“Here’s the thing: the cast sometimes get into little arguments but most of the time they’re little and we apologize and move forward."

She continued:

Chelsea Houska and Kailyn Lowry Pic

“Overall, I think (I can only speak for myself) I try to be there for everyone and support everyone," Lowry said, summing it up as such:

"The thing with Farrah is that she’s so negative all the time. She never has anything nice to say about anybody on the cast.”

Wow. As a parting shot, Kailyn added: “I see her doing big things. I would love to be able to support her doing those things."

"But when she’s constantly slamming me in the media and saying things that are so out of left field, it’s hard to find any kind of good in her."

“Farrah is out here doing pornos to stay relevant."

Oh, snap.

Point, Kailyn. Many points Kailyn, honestly.

We know how much the 25-year-old Backdoor Teen Mom star hates it with a passion when people dare to call her "sex tape" a porn

We're sure Kailyn does, too.

If only these two could end up on a reunion show stage together following some sort of awesome hypothetical Teen Mom All Stars season!

Maybe someday.

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