Farrah Abraham Slams Kailyn Lowry on Twitter: You're a Puppet!

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Back in Farrah Abraham endorsed Donald Trump for president

Now, the evil clown of the Teen Mom franchise is taking a page from her political counterpart's playbook.

Or at least copying and pasting some of his angriest tweets.

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As we reported earlier, Farrah is feuding with Kailyn Lowry in one of the most one-sided celebrity feuds in recent memory.

Basically, Farrah is engaging in one of her usual bullying campaigns; Kailyn is standing up to her; and absolutely no one is on Farrah's side, which is enough to give us a shred of hope in the future of humanity.

For reasons that remain unclear, Farrah recently accused Kailyn of getting pregnant for a second time in order to remain relevant.

Considering Kailyn was in her twenties, married, and already starring on a reality show at the time of her second pregnancy, it was sort of an odd claim to make.

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Kailyn pointed this out and also criticized Farrah for picking a fight with Amber Portwood on the latest reunion show, and that was enough to make Farrah change course and lock onto a new target, like some sort of surgically-enhanced Terminator.

"Hey @F1abraham, do you ever have anything nice to say about anyone?" Kailyn tweeted yesterday, in response to Farrah's latest trash-talk.

“Yes real people who aren’t fake puppets of @mjfree production company," Farrah replied, referring to the company that produces Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2.

"Thanks for asking sweetie hope you stay out of the drama.”

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“Hard to stay out of it when you bring my name into interviews and say I got pregnant to stay relevant," Kailyn aptly pointed out.

Realizing the entirety of Teen Mom Twitter had Kailyn's back, Farrah stopped replying and started trying to play the victim:

“I never said anything and I have no idea why she’s causing a fight to get attention,” Farrah told Radar Online in a recent interview.

“I’m over all the other Teen Moms and I’m bored with their antics.”

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Farrah is often and accurately described as not all that bright, but she's realizes that Trump's America is a place where facts hold no power, and idiocy is no longer a detriment.

Soon, the student will become the master. 

Clearly Farrah is well prepared for her 2020 presidential run.

Sure, she won't be old enough, but by then, the Constitution will have been completely re-written by Steve Bannon complete with listicles about which DC-area pizzerias are guilty of sex slave trafficking and pepperoni skimping.

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