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Kourtney Kardashian has apparently moved on to Younes Bendjima – who is the ex-boyfriend of supermodel Jourdan Dunn. 

He and Dunn broke up just a week ago, according to reports, and he’s already hooking up with Kourtney on the rebound. 

This will definitely end well. 

Younes Bendjima Photo

The Sun reported that the two are brand-new, and Kourtney – 14 years Bendjima’s senior – and that the two are “enjoying each other’s company.” 

The insider continued, “Younes had a great time with Jourdan but their busy schedules became too much and they decided to call it quits.” 

“He’s told friends that he was the one who ended it.”

“He’s now quietly sparked a relationship with Kourtney and really fancies her,” the source alleged.

“They aren’t ready to go public but there’s a real chemistry between them.”

Kourtney Kardashian at the Upfronts

It sounds like a fast-track romance, however, as he and Jourdan Dunn broke up just a week prior to him hooking up with the oldest Kardashian.

“[They] split just a week before he started to see Kourtney,” the insider continued, noting that if nothing else:

“Jourdan will be devastated by this.”

It might be more than just devastation – Dunn is friends with Kendall Jenner and has worked with Kanye West before. 

It sure seems like these Kardashian women like to stir up fecal storms like it’s their jobs, huh? 

Jourdan Dunn and Younes Bendjima Photo

Wanna add another bizarre factoid to the mix? 

Dunn is a fringe-part of Taylor Swift’s girl squad

My, my, my how the drama will unfold on this one. 

Jourdan might not be the only one devastated by the news, as it was recently rumored that Scott and Kourtney were considering a permanent reconciliation. 

We know. We’ve heard that one before. Still …

Despite rumors of Scott Disick abusing Kourtney, the two were said to be headed to couples therapy after a life-changing trip to Miami. 

“Kourtney and Scott have finally gotten to a place where they can both be completely honest about everything,” a source revealed.

“And it is totally obvious to them now that they are meant to be together, so they just have to do whatever it takes to make it work.”

Except, perhaps, not.

After all, it sounds like Kourtney’s moving way past Disick – and even back into Justin Bieber’s age group – with her reported new romance. 

Uh, congratulations?