Taylor Swift: Strict Rules For Girl Squad Members Revealed?

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If you know anything about Taylor Swift, you know her celebrity girl squad is an important source of stability and emotional support system in the singer's life these days.

As such, the members of her crew are carefully selected and, according to a new report from OK! magazine, forced to follow a strict set of rules.

No, they don't have to wear pink on Wednesdays, and Taylor won't banish you to another lunch table if you put your hair in a pony tail twice in the same week, but according to one insider, the singer lords over her chick clique like a platinum-selling Regina George.

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"It’s like a Scientology set-up but Taylor’s adamant it’s this way or the highway,” says the source. “She’s written down a secret code or rule book, with a bunch of dos and don’t for anyone who’s in the fold or part of her squad."

The rule book reportedly contains guidelines regarding how the squad members dress, who they date, and what they post on social media.

“First off there are to be no secrets, ever, and backstabbing’s a major no-no which is ironic because that’s pretty much all Taylor does herself,” says the insider.

The brave source (who's probably already been murdered by Lena Dunham, or one of Taylor's other operatives) adds that Taylor insists on approving all social media posts in which she's mentioned and even maintains the right to veto the girls' new boyfriends.

The insider hinted that "there's more," including a list of violations that can get you banned for life, but she held back on providing more details, probably for fear of being labeled a suppressive person and forced to spend the rest of her life scrubbing Taylor's yacht with her toothbrush.

We're guessing hanging out with Katy Perry in secret is high on the list of bootable offenses. So don't be surprised to see the sudden disappearance of Lorde all over tomorrow's headlines.

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