15 TV Couples We Wish Were Real

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From hot and steamy to simple and easygoing, sometimes TV gets relationships right. So, so right. That's how 'ships are made, after all.

Here are 15 TV couples we love - and wish were real.

1. Sheldon and Amy

Sheldon and Amy
Sheldon and Amy are The Big Bang Theory's perfect nerdy couple, even if Sheldon doesn't look exactly comfortable here.

2. Jamie and Claire

Jamie and Claire
If you haven't seen Outlander and the romance of Jamie and Claire, you are missing out!

3. Castle and Beckett

Castle and Beckett
Kate Beckett and Rick Castle have long been fan favorites on the show that carries his surname. For good reason.

4. Oliver and Felicity

Oliver and Felicity
Oliver and Felicity are so hot on Arrow, you can feel the Smoak! (Sorry. But true.)

5. Booth and Bones

Booth and Bones
Bones fans waited far too long to see their leading couple get together, and even longer to see them walk down the aisle! But they did!

6. Olivia Pope and Fitzgerald Grant

Olivia Pope and Fitzgerald Grant
NO ONE on television heats up a screen like Olivia Pope and President Fitzgerald Grant. They're so hot together it's easy to forget they're having an affair.

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