Teen Mom OG Season 3 Episode 15 Recap: She DOES!

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Last night on Teen Mom OG Season 3 Episode 15, Catelynn continued to battle depression, while Farrah continued to battle ... her mom. 


At the same time, we got our first glimpse of Maci's wedding, and Amber's plastic surgery, making for an exciting installment of the MTV hit ...

If you watch Teen Mom OG online, watching Maci Bookout get hitched was an emotional high point, a special moment years in the making.

Her ring bearers: Bentley, Jade and Maverick.

Her most surprising guest: Ryan Edwards!

Yes, even her ex-boyfriend and OG baby daddy was there to see her swap vows with Taylor McKinney on a day that will go down in history.

Ryan has always been a fan of Taylor, and it's easy to see why; McKinney and Bookout wrote their own vows, which were full of jokes.

And tears. ALL the tears.

Even the Josh Abbott Band, her favorite group in the world, performed as the newlyweds danced. We just love these two as a couple.

Maci Bookout Wedding Pic

Also in attendance on the big day were Catelynn and Tyler, who were excited for Maci’s wedding not just for Bookout, but for themselves.

It's been a really rough stretch.

Catelynn has been battling depression, as we know, and now Tyler’s dad, Butch Baltierra, has gone to jail for missing a parole meeting.

He had been free for a year.

As they got ready in their hotel room, Cate and Ty reflected on their own nuptials and and agreed that their own wedding was awesome.

Not only that, but their first year of marriage was pretty terrific too, despite the ups and downs. That kind of attitude is why we love them.

Meanwhile, Amber’s “mommy makeover” (a.k.a. plastic surgery) was right around the corner, so she spent her remaining days with Leah.

Speaking of makeovers (of the image variety) Matt Baier's book cover was being shot the night before surgery, which annoyed Ms. Portwood.

Why? Because she didn't have her "new" body yet.

So it goes, though, in life. Not that this was a huge deal, because “I’m not trying to look like Farrah or anybody like that,” she told a producer.

Farrah Abraham feud alert? We think so.

As for the results of Portwood's plastic surgery, she's been pretty open about flaunting them on social media, and seems happy about it.

Which is what it's all about, right?

Finally, Farrah went to meet her mom Debra’s new boyfriend, David, which was weirdly awkward in that he took her to task, and hard.

David lamented how mean Farrah is to Deb on Teen Mom, which is an odd way get to know someone, or to win over your GF's child.

Still, she kinda deserved it.

“You’re bringing up a lot of things that will just continue to upset me,” she said as he began talking about the engagement ring fiasco.

As Farrah started to cry and walk off, as she typically does, David reached out an olive branch, telling her she's really a “great person.”

It was a strange scene.

Later, when mother and daughter went to therapy, and Farrah unloaded about the dinner encounter, where she was semi-scolded again!

Sure, David’s timing was bad, and who does that? But come on, at the same time, Farrah's behavior leading up to all this was horrendous.

Abraham actually took that news to heart, or so it appeared, so maybe there was progress after all and she'll actually act a bit more mature?

Eh, don't hold your breath.

Having seen Farrah berate her dad while trying to help organize her garage in another scene from the episode, we wouldn't bank on it.

Anyway, that's a wrap for the season! Check out a scene from Maci's wedding below and tell us what you thought of the finale in the comments.

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