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Last month, Amber Portwood shocked us all — kind of — when she went and got herself something called a “mommy makeover.”

This makeover is a series of plastic surgery procedures that typically includes a tummy tuck, a breast lift or augmentation, and some liposuction here and there, and it’s all meant to get a woman’s body back its pre-pregnancy state.

She’s showed off the results in a few selfies, like this one:

Amber Portwood Mommy Makeover Photo

And she’s looking amazing, right?

She did reveal that she chose not to get a tummy tuck “because I do plan on having more kids,” but she very obviously got a breast lift and some liposuction.

Although, as Amber tells it, she didn’t have plastic surgery at all.

Wait, what?!

Amber got into a discussion with some of her Twitter followers last night after she tweeted a sweet little meme that read “Be proud of who you are.”

“And then get plastic surgery,” one person added, and that didn’t sit well with Amber.

Amber Portwood Plastic Surgery Photo

“Simply body lift and contouring from losing weight … very confused,” she replied.

She then tweeted a link to a medical article with the headline “What is cosmetic surgery? What is plastic surgery?”, so apparently she believes there’s a firm distinction between the two.

“I’ve never messed with my face or my natural curves,” she explained. “Just wanted to feel better about myself.”

“I definitely don’t consider contouring and lifting as plastic surgery”

“It’s simply called a mommy makeover only I didn’t get the tummy tuck.”

Someone told her that she could call it whatever she wanted, but she got an “elective surgery for aesthetic enhancement.”

“It for me was necessary,” Amber argued, “due to my weight gain and loss. There’s nothing wrong with a lift and contouring.”

Amber Portwood Winces

Which is true, there’s nothing wrong with it, but it’s weird that she feels the need to just completely deny that it’s plastic surgery.

She was apparently feeling pretty defensive about the whole thing, because she kept explaining herself.

“When you lose and gain weight constantly it really messes with your body,” she wrote.

“I had a lift as well as body contouring..nothing to my face etc.”

“Bigger girls who gain and lose weight often will understand a bit more than others,” she concluded.

Yeah, so none of this makes sense.

Amber got plastic surgery. She had “body lift,” for f-ck’s sake. What does she think that is if not plastic surgery?

We’re glad she’s feeling better about herself, but we also think she’s wasting too much energy and thought trying to twist the facts — the very, very obvious facts — for some bizarre reason.

You can do better, Amber.