Scheana Marie Shay: Husband Reportedly Goes Missing, Empties Bank Account

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The fifth season of Vanderpump Rules debuts tonight on Bravo, and while some developments in the stars' lives have emerged as a natural result of their growing fame, producers have done a solid job of keeping most of the drama under wraps.

However, one major shake-up in the lives of the show's most beloved couple has gone public just hours before the heavily-hyped premiere.

Scheana Marie and Mike Shay

According to TMZ, Scheana Marie Shay's husband, Mike Shay, went missing last week and the SUR girl/aspiring pop star immediately became concerned that he had suffered a relapse.

Mike previously struggled with a prescription pill addiction, but has been sober since the beginning of this year.

Sources say Scheana immediately became concerned when she couldn't get ahold of him, as she had recently lost an uncle and expected Mike to be at home to console her.

Fearing that he had fallen back into his old habits, she canceled his credit cards.

Scheana Marie, Mike Shay

Shortly thereafter, however, Mike reportedly drained the joint checking account he shares with Scheana.

As of this writing, several media outlets are claiming that Shay is still missing, though it's worth noting that he promoted the Reality Television Awards with an Instagram after he'd reportedly gone MIA.

Thus far, the Shays have been quiet about reports that their marriage is in trouble, but they could be complying with producers' demands.

After all, the problems in their relationship made for last season's most compelling storyline, and going public about a separation would serve as a major spoiler.

Scheana Marie Image

Scheana was heavily criticized last season for being dismissive of her husband's addiction and encouraging him to drink despite his history of substance abuse.

It may be some time before we find out what's going on with the Shays and their marriage (several media outlets have reported that they're headed for divorce).

But this is a case where we're sure to get the scoop eventually.

After all, being candid about their marital troubles helped these two claim center stage on one of TV's most drama-packed reality shows.

Watch Vanderpump Rules online to get caught up in time for tonight's premiere.

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