Lea Michele to Jennifer Lopez: Oh Yeah? Check Out MY Ass!

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Lea Michele has sent a message to both Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian.

Heck, Lea Michele has sent a message to Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian and the world in general.

And the message goes something like this:

I have one of the top rear ends in all of Hollywood, dammit!

Lea Michele on a Red Carpet

The former Glee actress proved over the weekend that she is mighty proud of her body, sharing a revealing selfie on Instagram that we have to believe was a response to a similar selfie recently shared by Lopez.

Or a recent belfie, perhaps we ought to say.

That's because both Michele's picture and the one she appears to have been inspired by forces the viewers to focus on the subject's seductive butt.

This is the image Lopez posted just a few days ago, for example.

Not too shabby, is it?

Jennifer Lopez Butt Selfie Onesie Photo

Do you need a few minutes by yourself, fellas?

We understand if so.

Just make sure you clean yourself off before you return, okay? We appreciate it.

Most folks out there assume Lopez posed for this image and then put it online as some kind of challenge to Kardashian.

Not any kind of malicious challenge, mind you, just the kind of fun challenge one woman known for her ass might issue to another woman known for her ass.

Here's a look at the original Kardashian belfie:

Kim Kardashian White Bodysuit Butt Selfie Photo

Michele, of course, is known more for her voice than for her figure, although she had made efforts to change this perception.

Remember when Michele went naked for the cover of Women's Health? How could you forget, right?!?

So that brings us to this weekend and Michele's Instagram account.

Captioning the following picture with the words "NYC// Sunday bed series," the gorgeous actress did her best J. Lo and Kim impression, flaunting her curves for all to see.

What do you think?

Lea Michele Belfie

“As I get older, my body is always changing,” the actress told Shape Magazine this month, adding of the body part she has highlighted here:

“Right now I have so much energy, my skin looks good, and my butt is higher than it’s ever been.”

But is it better than Lopez's or Kardashian's? That's the question.

Give your answer in the Comments section below.

(Editor's Note: Lea Michele currently stars on Scream Queens. If you wish to watch Screm Queens online in order to see more of this beauty, simply follow the preceding link.)

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