Who Are You Voting For? It's Time to Decide

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Finally, mercifully, painfully... it has come down to this.

It is nearly Election Day.

It is nearly time for the world to stop talking about emails that may have been covered up and pussies that may have been grabbed and for United States citizens to actually step inside and exercise their democratic rights.

It is time for them to vote.

3 candidates

Unfortunately, there will be no last-minute candidate on the ballot.

As much as millions of residents have tried to deny it, the main two nominees for the highest office in the land are Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

Many people believe the former is too corrupt, while many others believe the latter is too much of a lying bigot.

For those who try to base their vote on one's character, it has been a very difficult decision to make.

For those who prefer to base their vote on experience, temperament and knowledge of the issues... well... it's your call. Just try to make the right one.

It's only the most important office in the world that it as stake here.

Hillary Clinton Gives Thumbs Up

Heading into November 8, nearly every major poll has Clinton in the lead. But it's not a landslide. It's anything but a lock.

Voters in New Hampshire, Michigan, Florida, Ohio and North Carolina will play an especially big role in choosing our next President, with those battleground states remaining closely contested over the past few weeks.

Just when it seemed as though Trump's infamous Billy Bush video would sink his campaign for good... the FBI announced it had new reasons for maybe thinking Clinton did something illegal with a private email server.

Director Jim Comey has since cleared Clinton of any actual wrongdoing (again), but his last-minute involvement in the race has caused polls to tighten.

It's caused many to see Clinton in a negative light.

Even when compared to someone who has been accused by a dozen women of sexual misconduct and who has never met a lie he could not tell.

Donald Trump Time?

Oh, and Gary Johnson is also running for President.

He's running under the Libertarian party and some polls have him earning as much as five percent of the vote.

Because he wants to legalize marijuana and restore various civil liberties across the board? Maybe. That could be a reason.

But mostly because he isn't Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton.

This is someone who was once asked to name a world leader that he admired and he was unable to do so.

So it's not as though any third party has given voters a reason to be excited, either.

Gary Johnson Picture

Yup, these are your candidates, folks.

(Yes, we know Dr. Jill Stein is technically also a candidate, but she is struggling to earn even one percent of the vote in most polls. We could practically call THG a candidate under that logic.)

Love the field or hate the field, this is the field.

And the time has come to make the most important decision of your life:


And the Winner is?

Donald, Hillary or... Gary? Who has your vote to be the next President of the United States? View Poll ┬╗

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