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Unless you’re the person who watches Suits, you probably never heard the name Meghan Markle before this week.

At this point, she’s been the subject of so many tabloid headlines that it’s hard to believe it was just a few days ago that the world learned Markle is dating Prince Harry.

It’s unclear exactly how long Harry and Miss Markle have been together, but it’s not easy to keep secrets in the Royals’ world, so you can bet the relationship didn’t remain on the down-low for very long.

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It doesn’t appear that there’s any truth behind those rumors that Meghan and Harry are engaged, but they are moving rather quickly.

In fact, it seems they were dating for just a few weeks when Harry decided to introduce Meghan to his blue-blooded family.

Sources claim that when Harry turned 32 back in September, Meghan was by his side for a posh celebration at a secluded estate in the country hamlet of Aberdeenshire.

(Ed. note: Aberdeenshire might win the award for most British-sounding place on the planet.)

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"I’d call the visit a coming-out party," an insider tells Us Weekly.

"It would have been the first time some of his close friends got to meet her."

"It’s been important for Harry to introduce Meghan to the people he cares about," adds another source.

Yes, Meghan was hanging with Charles and Camilla way back on September 15.

Not bad for a woman who was previously best-known for starring on freakin’ Suits (inasmuch as people who appear on Suits can be described as stars).

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Interestingly, she still hasn’t met William and Kate, but a royal insider says that’s simply a scheduling matter.

"Not meeting William and Kate yet has simply been about not being in the same place at the same time," explains an insider.

"They will see each other soon."

Somewhere, Kate is bingeing all six seasons of Suits so that she has something to talk to Meghan about.

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Maybe she can ask her what was up with that episode where Mark cheated on Susan, but then you find out at the end that it was all a dream.

Was that a thing that happened on Suits?

We have no idea, and neither do you!

In fact, no one will ever know.

It’s a mystery for the ages…