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It’s been over a year now since Kourtney Kardashian broke up with Scott Disick.

They’ve been pretty friendly lately, but it looks like, after all this time, she’s still in the mood to tear him down.

Here, see what we mean in this new Keeping Up with the Kardashians clip:

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Things start off when Kim Kardashian asks Scott "why on EARTH" has he been hanging out with her mother, Kris Jenner, "going to tea parties and doing water aerobics."

Scott asserts that he didn’t go to a "tea party" with Kris and her friends, they went to high tea, and Kourtney cuts him off to say that a friend of Kris’ asked her for his phone number.

Somebody sounds jealous!

Kourtney really starts to go after him, asking him "Since when were you interested in water aerobics?"

She says that it’s really unlike him, since "You never worked out a day in your life."

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Scott points out that he hangs out with those women just like he hangs out with them, and that "the only difference between them and all of you is they don’t sit on their phones the whole time."

It’s an accurate statement, since Kim’s phone was firmly in her hand during the whole conversation, but Kim got catty and suggested that the only difference was "saggier skin."

What a bunch of witches.

Kourtney would not let up, and Kim threw in a little joke about menopause, and apparently the whole thing turned Scott off from hanging out with his new friends in the future.

"I didn’t want to be like a full-blown cougar stalker," he tells the camera. "It’s definitely not the most normal thing on the planet, so maybe I shouldn’t hang out with the cougar squad."

Sad, right?

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It’s just unfortunate that Kourtney is giving Scott such a hard time for such harmless activities when, just last year, he was such an alarming mess.

Instead of doing water aerobics with Kris, would she prefer he go back to getting wasted and stumbling around town?

Would it be more acceptable if he got belligerently drunk at charity events?

Maybe it would be fun if he did cocaine at a party with some teenagers, like he allegedly did last year.

Or hey, maybe instead of drinking tea with some older ladies, it’d be better for him to drink so much booze that he winds up in the hospital with alcohol poisoning.

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Yes, Scott’s done some horrible things to Kourtney, and if she doesn’t want to forgive him, that’s her choice.

But to see her so mercilessly mock this guy for something so harmless when he’s turned his life around so much, it’s just tough to watch.