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Is Mariah Carey stress eating, or is Mariah Carey eating for two? 

Carey was spotted out on a date with her rumored beau, Bryan Tanaka, and in one of the photos obtained by OK! Magazine, she’s got quite a bump happening. 

Mariah Carey Sparkles

The magazine is passing it off as generalized weight gain, but since Mariah wasn’t having sex with James Packer, there’s a possibility that she might’ve been sexing backup dancer, Tanaka. 

After Carey and Packer broke up, much to everyone’s surprise, Mariah was immediately linked to Tanaka, which spells bad news for everybody. 

Didn’t Madonna teach the ultimate lesson not to hook up with your backup dancers? 

Or, you know, Britney Spears? 

Jennifer Lopez? 

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Leave it to Mariah, though, to go ahead and continue perpetuating a really, really dumb thing for women with money to do. 

Reports emerged that Mariah had forged “a close relationship” with Tanaka, and the constant appearances featuring the two of them have been nearly incessant since Packer dumped Carey. 

The two were caught at Nobu, an L.A. hotspot last week, and just last night, the budding couple was photographed in West Hollywood’s Berris. 

However, it doesn’t seem like everybody in Mariah’s circle is on board with her rumored boytoy. 

Go figure. 

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“Bryan is a struggling singer and dancer and everyone around Mariah is seeing red flags,” a source revealed. 

“But Mariah doesn’t care.”

“She will help anyone who will help her and he is giving her exactly what she needs right now,” the insider said.

“Mariah loves her men to worship her, and he definitely does that.” 

Well, no doubt, when you’re a 33-year-old failed singer and dancer who’s trying to capitalize on a relationship that’s headed nowhere. 

Mariah’s even said to be taking things so seriously, that Tanaka has been around her children. 

Carey allowed Tanaka to usher her and her daughter, Monroe, around the Carey neighborhood to trick or treat over the holiday weekend. 

Tanaka was even pictured with his arm around Monroe, looking every bit the cozy family.  

The bottom line is, whatever Mariah’s doing – rebounding, simply being desperate – she needs to stop.  

She’s not been taken the most seriously over the last decade, and this dalliance could very well put her into Madonna territory. 

And after all, who even takes Madonna seriously anymore? 

C’mon, man.