Mariah Carey: Is She Eating for Three Now?

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Who ever thought Mariah Carey was some kind of lady? 

Because judging by her hop-on, hop-off [insert random man's name here], it's apparent that she's not very discriminating as to who she allows into her life.

Mariah Carey in Mariah's World

Carey was recently caught getting even cozier with backup dancer, Bryan Tanaka, and truth be told, it's making Mimi look pretty trashy.

Page Six reports that Carey and Tanaka took their hookup to more prolific levels, walking about hand-in-hand at the Airbnb Open Spotlight Event, throwing all caution to the wind. 

A source who apparently has the vocabulary of a 12 year old told the site, "It looked like they're legit dating."  

The source's mentality may just go along perfectly with that of Mariah and her new beau, who's 13 years her junior, since this whole thing seems to be running about middle-school level. 

Later on in the night, the couple moved onto celeb hotspot -- AKA a place they know they'd be seen; the oldest and most pathetic trick in the book -- where they were all over each other. 

Brian Tanaka and Mariah Carey

"Bryan had his arm around Mariah all night," the source revealed.

"She fed him dessert." 

We'll just bet she did. 

What was on the menu -- sauteed butterfly cocoons paired with a delicious sauce of desperation?

Get a grip, Elusive Chanteuse, and grow the hell up. 

Mariah Carey Sparkles

Last we checked in, Mariah and Tanaka pregnancy rumors were already beginning to swirl. 

She's been looking a little fuller as of late, and every time we see Bryriah together, they're eating. 

She's eating, he's eating, she's feeding him, he's feeding her. 

Lots and lots of food happening between these two people, y'all, and it only lends further credence -- or at least curiosity -- to the rumors that she might be carrying a Tanaka fetus.  

Though everybody is warning Mariah to stay away from Tanaka, and not get attached, you know how she gets -- embarrassing. 

That's how she gets. 

Mariah Carey in Her World

Mimi's reportedly been warned that Bryan is no good, and that he's just using her, but apparently, the Always Be My Baby singer can't give up on true love. 

Friends were alleged to have said, "Bryan is a struggling singer and dancer and everyone around Mariah is seeing red flags."

"But Mariah doesn't care."

"She will help anyone who will help her and he is giving her exactly what she needs right now," the insider continued.

"Mariah loves her men to worship her, and he definitely does that."

Let's hope James Packer and all his money comes to his senses or whatever. 

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