Mariah Carey to James Packer: Bitch Better Have My Money!

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Mariah Carey is taking the diva thing to a whole new level. 

TMZ has reported that she is asking for 50 million dollars from her ex, James Packer, because "that is the amount she would have walked away with had they signed their prenup." 

Are you done having a Mariah Carey-type fit yet? 

James Packer and Mariah Carey Photo

In the wake of Carey's breakup with Packer, correspondence between Packer's team and Carey's team reveals some interesting details.

Specifically, details pertaining to their prenup agreement, because nothing says "romance" better than "bitch better have my money."

It was reported that Packer was eager to marry Mariah no matter what the cost - and boy, was the cost high! - and wanted the deal done by March 1, though Mariah's divorce from Nick Cannon is yet to be finalized. 

One of the more head-scratching parts of the agreement stated that Mariah would have to give back any high-priced jewelry purchased by Packer should the marriage sour, unless Packer wrote a note absolving her of returning the gifts. 

For the Fantasy singer's part, Mariah was said to demand 50 million dollars should the couple break up. 

Which they did. 

Which is why Carey is now allegedly demanding her share of Packer's money, even though the prenup wasn't ever signed. 

TMZ reported that Mariah's team believes that because the prenup wasn't signed in a timely manner, Packer's people took the opportunity to "tear them apart." 

To us, it sounds like Mariah's a money-grubbing maniac who only cares about jewels and notoriety. 

James Packer Kisses Mariah Carey

As for Packer, it sounds like he's a lonely, lovelorn old billionaire who just wants someone to eke his remaining days out with. 

The two are just three years apart, so there had to be at least some level of commitment on Mariah's part ... but it sounds an awful lot like she was more committed to the idea of Packer's fortune than she was to the idea of Packer himself. 

Reportedly, Mariah is distraught over the breakup, and hell, even if there was no love involved, we would be, too. 

Walking away - or being pushed away? - from 50 mil has to hurt. 

That's enough to traumatize anyone. 

Mariah Carey and Her Ring

"Mariah is traumatized by all of this but is putting on a brave face," a source revealed.

"She never meant to fall for James."

Well, she did. 

In some fashion, of course. 

And now because it's all gone to pot, she wants "her" money.  

James Packer with Mariah Carey

In 2016, it was reported that Carey's net worth is somewhere around 520 million dollars herself. 

She's halfway to being a billionaire - what's another 50 million?  


That's what another 50 million is. 

Go slink away with your butterfly abdomen between your glittery legs, Mariah.  

And why not finalize your divorce to Nick "Who?" Cannon while you're at it. 

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