Jake Tapper SLAMS CNN for Anti-Semitic Onscreen Graphic

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In the two weeks since Donald Trump was elected president, a shocking spike in hate crimes across America has been widely attributed to real estate mogul and political neophyte's racially charged campaign trail rhetoric.

While Trump called for his followers to "stop it" during a recent 60 Minutes interview, the fact that the President-elect seems to be more irritated by a call for unity from the cast of Hamilton than by acts of racial hatred committed in his name was not lost on many.

Yesterday, video of Neo-Nazis giving "hail Trump" salutes at a rally in Washington, D.C. surfaced online.

The clip garnered coverage from all major media outlets and brought hate to the mainstream in a disturbing fashion.

Perhaps because they're so unaccustomed to engaging in serious discussions about radical fringe hate groups, many television pundits seemed ill-equipped to cover the disturbing speech of "alt-right" leader Richard Spencer.

It's perhaps that unfamiliarity with such subject matter that led to this astonishing misstep by CNN:

CNN: Anti-Semitic Graphic

As you can see, the news network ran a lower-screen chyron that referenced Spencer's question of whether or not "Jews are people."

The legitimization of such a question is considered horrifically anti-Semitic, and the network was rightfully called out for its inappropriate graphic by many on social media, including CNN's own Jake Tapper.

The chyron appeared on screen during Tapper's own show, but the longtime correspondent is currently on vacation.

Nevertheless, he took to social media to blast the network for its tone deaf coverage, and to assure fans that while he had nothing to do with the offensive graphic, he would also not be dodging responsibility.

Donald Trump on 60 Minutes

“I’m off this week and I’m furious about that chyron and my staff has heard from me. Unacceptable,” Tapper wrote on Twitter.

“The chyron was abhorrent and I am trying to deal with it. Obviously I take responsibility but my being off is not irrelevant.”

Jim Sciutto, who was filling in as host, also acknolwledged the offensive nature of the graphic:

“The banner — which we don’t write from the chair — was out of line," Sciutto tweeted.

The official CNN Twitter account issued an apology just moments after the chyron aired:

“It was poor judgment and we very much regret it and apologize.”

Tapper has been held to task by social media users who have been quick to point out that he bears responsibility for all content that airs during a show with his name in the title.

Tapper did not disagree, but reminded fans that he was not aware such a graphic would be used, and was in no position to stop it.

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