Maci Bookout Gets RAUNCHY at The Strip Club!

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If you're the kind of person who thinks lap dances are a little creepy, or if you're the kind of person who thinks Maci Bookout is a beacon of light and hope and goodness on Teen Mom OG ... well, sorry.

Back in September, Maci and her friends went on a girl's trip to Las Vegas  -- a sort of weekend-long bachelorette party -- and now we're learning that things got weird.

And they got weird fast:

In this sneak peek from next week's new episode of Teen Mom OG, you can see Maci's pals surprise her with a trip to Australia's Thunder from Down Under.

It's a strip club, y'all!

As they pull her in, Maci keeps putting her hands over her mouth and acting like she's totally shocked and scandalized, which is fair.

After all, she's taking part in the time-honored tradition of "you're about to get married, so ogle strange men's penises before you say 'I do'!", how else would she react?

But it doesn't take long before things go beyond just ogling, because a guy takes Maci by the hand and pulls her onstage.

Maci Bookout interview with MTV UK

He sits her down in one of two chairs that are surrounded by fog machines, and then he proceeds to get the show on the road.

The sad, questionable, uncomfortable, cringe-worthy show.

Maci tries putting her hands over her mouth again, but the stripper is not having it -- he puts them around his waist instead, and our girl quickly moves to grab his ass.

So much for being scandalized, huh?

And hey, real quick, be sure to put on your best pearls so you can clutch the hell out of them, because next, Maci actually runs her hand over this dude's body.

But like, all over it.

Maci Bookout Promo Photo

She touches his chest, his abs, and she doesn't stop when she gets to the Danger Zone, no -- she straight up rubs this stripper's crotch.

And then he kisses her on the mouth.

Aren't there rules about this kind of thing at strip clubs?

And, if not, aren't their boundaries you set up when you're in a committed relationship?

The answer seems to be a big fat "no" to both of those questions, or at least that's what we gathered when Maci let a stripper pull her to the floor and dry hump her.

Come get your girl, Taylor McKinney, or else this stripper will.

Maci Bookout Pregnancy Photo

Really, Taylor would be justified in being upset over this sketchy lap dance, but we're guessing that, since they got married anyway, he wasn't.

Or maybe he wasn't told about the dance, and he's just now seeing it, along with the rest of us.

Either way, what a surprising little bit of Teen Mom nonsense we have here.

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